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The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is an iconic Melbourne event. The festival hosts a feast of cinematic delicacies from over 50 countries for seventeen days each Winter, heavily garnished with a range of parties and special events that cast a celebratory mood over the city. MIFF has a rich history celebrating 60 years in 2011, making it one of the oldest film festivals in the world. Since its commencement in 1951, MIFF has developed into Australia's largest film event. In addition to screening films from around fifty countries, MIFF has the largest program of any film festival in the nation, is Australia's largest showcase of new Australian cinema and most vocal champion of both emerging and established local filmmaking talent.

Australian films and awards screening over the last 10 years

★ Indicates award winners

2015 Albert   
2015 Another Country David Gulpilil Retrospective 
2015 Best Way to Kill Your Mother, The Accelerator 
2015 Bluey Australian Shorts 
2015 Bush Mechanics Animation Shorts 
2015 Caravan Accelerator 
2015 Charlie's Country David Gulpilil Retrospective 
2015 Cherokee Accelerator 
2015 Coral Australian Shorts 
2015 Crocodile Dreaming David Gulpilil Retrospective 
2015 Dalmas Psychedelic! 
2015 Dark Age David Gulpilil Retrospective 
2015 Daughter, The Australian Showcase 
2015 Death In Bloom Pre Feature Short 
2015 Disappearance of Willie Bingham, The WTF Shorts 
2015 Downriver Australian Showcase 
2015 Early Winter Australian Showcase 
2015 Ecco Homo Australian Showcase 
2015 Elixir Australian Showcase 
2015 Ernie Biscuit Pre Feature Short 
2015 Euxine Accelerator 
2015 Face of Ukraine, The: Casting Oksana Baiul Pre Feature Short 
2015 Family Holiday Accelerator 
2015 Followers Accelerator 
2015 Gayby Baby Next Gen 
2015 Goodnight Sweetheart Australian Shorts 
2015 Graceful Girls This Sporting Life 
2015 Guests, The Australian Shorts 
2015 Holding The Man Centrepiece Gala 
2015 Kirrendirri - Lost and Alone Documentary Shorts 
2015 Last Wave, The David Gulpilil Retrospective 
2015 Let's Dance: Bowie Down Under Documentary Shorts 
2015 Looking to Buy Accelerator 
2015 Maalu Accelerator 
2015 Mad Dog Morgan David Gulpilil Retrospective 
2015 Man Real Accelerator 
2015 Marinetti Psychedelic! 
2015 Match Accelerator 
2015 Mimi David Gulpilil Retrospective 
2015 Monaco  ★ Emerging Australian Filmmaker
2015 Neon Australian Showcase 
2015 Nice House, The Documentary Shorts 
2015 Nightingale and the Rose, The  ★ Best Australian Short Film
2015 Nowhere Line: Voices From Manus Island  ★ Best Documentary Short
2015 Nulla Nulla Accelerator 
2015 Only the Dead Australian Showcase 
2015 Pawno Australian Showcase 
2015 Phoenix, The Accelerator 
2015 Principal, The Australian Showcase 
2015 Putuparri Australian Showcase 
2015 Rabbit-Proof Fence David Gulpilil Retrospective 
2015 Rainbow Serpent, The: The Dreamtime David Gulpilil Retrospective 
2015 Reg Makes Contact Australian Shorts 
2015 Sherpa Australian Showcase 
2015 Showing Melbourne to Maningrida David Gulpilil Retrospective 
2015 Silences, The Australian Showcase 
2015 Slingshot Accelerator 
2015 Smut Hounds Documentary Shorts 
2015 Snow Monkey Australian Showcase 
2015 Stories I Want To Tell You In Person Australian Showcase 
2015 Storm Boy David Gulpilil Retrospective 
2015 Sucker Australian Showcase 
2015 Sweat Australian Shorts 
2015 Ten Canoes David Gulpilil Retrospective 
2015 Things Are Going Really Well Accelerator 
2015 Tracker, The David Gulpilil Retrospective 
2015 Tyke: Elephant Outlaw Australian Showcase 
2015 Under skin, In blood Accelerator 
2015 Under the Sun Australian Shorts 
2015 Urban Exploration Pre Feature Short 
2015 Walkabout David Gulpilil Retrospective 
2015 Watercourse Experimental Shorts 
2015 Wawi Accelerator 
2015 When the Dogs Talked  ★ Best Fiction Short Film
2015 Windjarrameru, The Stealing C*nt$ Australian Showcase 
2014 Acts of God Accelerator 1 
2014 Animal Condition, The Australian Showcase 
2014 Baby Baby Short Films 
2014 Between Trees Accelerator 1 
2014 Big Game, The Short Films 
2014 Black Panther Woman Australian Showcase 
2014 Blood Pulls a Gun  ★ Swinburne Award for Emerging Australian Filmmaker
2014 Blood Pulls a Gun Accelerator 2 
2014 Building Bridges Accelerator 1 
2014 Central Texas Barbecue Documentary Shorts 
2014 Curtain Call Australian Showcase 
2014 Cut Snake Centrepiece Gala 
2014 Dario Australian Shorts 
2014 Devil's Playground Big Scene, Small Screen 
2014 Don't Throw Stones Australian Showcase 
2014 Dot Matrix Experimental Shorts 
2014 Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story Of Cannon Films Australian Showcase 
2014 Empire Short Films 
2014 Fell Australian Showcase 
2014 Felony Closing Night 
2014 Florence Has Left the Building Australian Shorts 
2014 Grey Bull  ★ Film Victoria Erwin Rado Award for Best Australian Short Film
2014 Grey Bull Accelerator 2 
2014 House That Eye Live In, The Australian Showcase 
2014 Hurt's Rescue Australian Shorts 
2014 I'm You, Dickhead WTF Shorts 
2014 Infinite Man, The Australian Showcase 
2014 Junked Factory of Dreams: Shorts About Cinema 
2014 Junked Factory of Dreams - Shorts About Cinema 
2014 Legend Maker, The Australian Showcase 
2014 Love Marriage in Kabul Australian Showcase 
2014 Love Song Devotions Australian Shorts 
2014 Magic Miles Accelerator 1 
2014 Messenger Australian Shorts 
2014 Mother Accelerator 1 
2014 My Mistress Australian Showcase 
2014 No Place To Rest Experimental Shorts 
2014 Paper Planes Kids’ Gala 
2014 Point A Short Films 
2014 Predestination Opening Night 
2014 Rabbit Accelerator 2 
2014 Rhododendron Accelerator 1 
2014 Robin Boyd: Australian Beauty Documentary Shorts 
2014 Ror Short Films 
2014 Ruin Australian Showcase 
2014 Search for Weng Weng, The Night Shift 
2014 She was She Accelerator 1 
2014 Single Body, A International Shorts 1 
2014 Snowblind Accelerator 2 
2014 Sound Proof Short Films 
2014 Still Our Country - Reflections on a Culture Australian Showcase 
2014 There is No Such Thing as a Jellyfish Accelerator 1 
2014 These Heathen Dreams Australian Showcase 
2014 Turkey Shoot Night Shift 
2014 Two Devils Australian Shorts 
2014 Ukraine is Not a Brothel Australian Showcase 
2014 Violent Florence WTF Shorts 
2014 World, The Accelerator 2 
2014 You Cut, I Choose Australian Shorts 
2013 Aim High In Creation! Inside the DPRK 
2013 Amber Amulet, The Accelerator 1 
2013 Big Name No Blanket Backbeat 
2013 Cobbers Pre-Feature Shorts 
2013 Cosmic Psychos: Blokes You Can Trust Backbeat 
2013 Cut Sleeves Pre-Feature Shorts 
2013 Double Graffiti Experimental Shorts 
2013 Fallout Australian Showcase 
2013 Family of Weddings, A Pre-Feature Shorts 
2013 Faraways Australian Shorts 
2013 Galore Australian Showcase 
2013 Ghost Train Australian Shorts 
2013 Gift, The Desire Shorts 
2013 Hungry Man Accelerator 2 
2013 Hunter, The Accelerator 2 
2013 In Bob We Trust Australian Showcase 
2013 Last Time I Saw Richard, The Australian Shorts 
2013 Lygon Street: Si Parla Italiano Australian Showcase 
2013 Man On Earth Australian Shorts 
2013 Misfortune of Others, The Accelerator 1 
2013 Miss Nikki and The Tiger Girls Backbeat 
2013 Mystery Road Australian Showcase 
2013 Nowhere Boys series 1 Next Gen 
2013 Observer, The Documentary Shorts 
2013 Old Mate Accelerator 2 
2013 Oysterman, The Accelerator 1 
2013 Pablo's Villa Pre-Feature Shorts 
2013 Patrick Night Shift 
2013 Perception Australian Shorts 
2013 Persons of Interest Australian Showcase 
2013 Photocopier Pre-Feature Shorts 
2013 Polaroid Pre-Feature Shorts 
2013 Red Obsession Australian Showcase 
2013 Rocket, The  ★ People’s Choice Award: Feature Film
2013 Summer Suit Accelerator 2 
2013 Sunnyboy, The Backbeat 
2013 Tau Seru  ★ Film Victoria Erwin Rado Award for Best Australian Short Film
2013 Thanks for the Ride Accelerator 1 
2013 These Final Hours  ★ The Age Critic’s Award
2013 Thylacine Accelerator 2 
2013 Tim Winton's The Turning Australian Showcase 
2013 Truel Australian Shorts 
2013 Uncharted Waters: The Personal History of Wayne Lynch This Sporting Life 
2013 Wolf, the Demon and the Moon, The Animation 
2013 Woody Australian Shorts 
2013 You Know What? I Love You Pre-Feature Shorts 
2013 You Like It, I Love It  ★ Swinburne Award for Emerging Australian Filmmaker
2013 Zoo, The Accelerator 1 
2012 100 Bloody Acres Night Shift 
2012 Being Venice Australian Showcase 
2012 Bino Australian Shorts Fiction 
2012 Blackbuster Black Fella Shorts 
2012 Butterflies Animation Shorts 
2012 Catch Perfect Short Fiction 
2012 Coniston Australian Showcase 
2012 Continental Drift Short Fiction 
2012 Coral Rekindling Venus Fulldome Showcase Two 
2012 Croker Island Exodus Australian Showcase 
2012 Dave's Dead Australian Shorts Fiction 
2012 Dead Europe Australian Showcase 
2012 Distant Words Short Fiction 
2012 Dumpy Goes To The Big Smoke Accelerator Short Fiction 
2012 Errors of the Human Body Australian Showcase 
2012 First Contact Short Fiction 
2012 First Fagin Australian Showcase 
2012 Fugu & Tako Short Fiction 
2012 Hunter, The Animation Shorts 
2012 I'm the One Short Fiction 
2012 Jack Irish: Bad Debts Australian Showcase 
2012 Joey Short Fiction 
2012 Kin Short Fiction★ Swinburne Award for Emerging Australian Filmmaker
2012 Land Between, The Short Fiction 
2012 Lasseter's Bones Australian Showcase 
2012 Last Dance Australian Showcase 
2012 Lois Australian Shorts Fiction 
2012 Make Hummus Not War Australian Showcase 
2012 Man Who Could Not Dream, The Short Fiction 
2012 Men of the Earth Short Fiction 
2012 Mental Special Events 
2012 Paul Kelly: Stories of Me Backbeat 
2012 Perished Short 
2012 Playpals Short Fiction 
2012 Rauch Und Spiegel Experimental Shorts 
2012 Sapphires, The Australian Showcase - Opening Night  
2012 Save Your Legs! Australian Showcase 
2012 Scar Black Fella Shorts 
2012 Seoul Electric Experimental Shorts 
2012 She. Say. Black Fella Shorts 
2012 Shooting Arrows Experimental Shorts 
2012 Spine Outside the Law Shorts★ Film Victoria Erwin Rado Award for Best Australian Short Film
2012 Stone Short Fiction 
2012 Sunshine State, The Short Fiction 
2012 Switch Short Fiction 
2012 Tender Short Fiction 
2012 Yardbird Accelerator Shorts 
2011 33 Postcards   
2011 At The Formal  ★ Best Emerging Australian Filmmaker
2011 Attach Boat to Motor   
2011 Aww Jeez   
2011 Ben Lee: Catch My Disease   
2011 Clay   
2011 Collision   
2011 Curse of the Gothic Symphony, The   
2011 Devil's Playground, The   
2011 Eli the Invincible   
2011 Eye Of The Storm, The  ★ Best Australian Feature
2011 Face to Face   
2011 Falling For Sahara   
2011 Father, The   
2011 First Interview, The   
2011 Hail Australian Showcase 
2011 Hungry Tide, The   
2011 I Am Eleven   
2011 If I Dance Will It Keep Me Warm?   
2011 I'm Not Dead Yet   
2011 It's Him...Terry Lim!   
2011 Life In Movement: The Tanja Liedtke Story   
2011 Missing Key, The   
2011 Mooncake And Crab   
2011 Nullarbor  ★ Best Animation
2011 On Borrowed Time   
2011 Palace, The  ★ Best Australian Short Film
2011 Peekaboo   
2011 Persecution Blues: The Battle for the Tote   
2011 Red Dog   
2011 Rowland S. Howard: Autoluminescent   
2011 Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure   
2011 Slap, The   
2011 Slap, The   
2011 Spag, The   
2011 Stranger, The   
2011 Swerve   
2011 Toomelah   
2011 Toy Soldier   
2011 Triangle Wars, The   
2011 We Were Here   
2011 X   
2010 Bad Language Shorts 
2010 Blame Premiere Fund 
2010 Bring'Em Back! Homegrown 
2010 Cane Toads: The Conquest Homegrown 
2010 Chocolate Cake Shorts 
2010 Clinic, The Night Shift 
2010 Deeper Than Yesterday Shorts 
2010 Dreamland Homegrown 
2010 Drive Homegrown 
2010 Elephantiasis Shorts 
2010 Fatso Shorts 
2010 Flyscreen Experimental Shorts 
2010 Franswa Sharl Shorts★ Erwin Rado Award for Best Australian Short Film
2010 Glenn Owen Dodds Shorts 
2010 Kiss, The Shorts★ Emerging Australian Filmmaker Award
2010 Kitchen Horror Experimental Shorts 
2010 Lily Shorts 
2010 Little Sparrows Homegrown 
2010 Lost Thing, The Shorts★ Grand Prix for Best Short Film
2010 Machete Maidens Unleashed! Premiere Fund 
2010 Making it Handmade Homegrown 
2010 Matching Jack Premiere Fund 
2010 Mother of Rock: The Life and Times of Lillian Roxon Premiere Fund 
2010 Muscles Shorts 
2010 Mystery of Flying Kicks, The Shorts★ Best Documentary Short Film
2010 Pinion Shorts 
2010 Prelude, The Shorts 
2010 Red Hill Homegrown 
2010 Scary Therapy Shorts 
2010 Stony Point Shorts 
2010 Strange Birds in Paradise - A West Papuan Story States of Dissent 
2010 Summer Coda Homegrown 
2010 Tree, The Homegrown 
2010 Uninhabited Homegrown 
2010 Via Gori Shorts 
2010 Wedding Party, The Premiere Fund 
2010 When the Wind Changes Shorts 
2009 $9.99 Animation Gallery 
2009 10 Conditions of Love, The States of Dissent 
2009 5 Lost At Sea Homegrown 
2009 Balibo Premiere Fund 
2009 Blessed Premiere Fund 
2009 Blind Company Homegrown 
2009 Boxer Fiction Shorts 
2009 Bran Nue Dae Premiere Fund 
2009 Cat Piano, The Shorts★ Best Animation Short Film
2009 Dogs in Space Australian Post Punk 
2009 Eye for Architecture Homegrown 
2009 Happy Country Fiction Shorts 
2009 Imprint Fiction Shorts 
2009 In the Round Animation Shorts 
2009 Indonesia Calling : Joris Ivens In Australia Premiere Fund 
2009 Jacob Fiction Shorts 
2009 Last Supper, The Shorts 
2009 Lessons from the Night Documentary Shorts 
2009 Loved Ones, The Premiere Fund 
2009 Loving Friend, A Homegrown 
2009 Making Samson & Delilah Homegrown 
2009 Matilda Candidate, The Homegrown 
2009 My Asian Heart Homegrown 
2009 Necessary Games Shorts★ Best Experimental Short Film
2009 One Night Fiction Shorts 
2009 Palimpsest Animation Shorts 
2009 Pinata Fiction Shorts 
2009 Prime Mover Homegrown 
2009 Salt Shorts★ Best Australia Short Film
2009 Shadow Play Arts and Minds 
2009 Side By Side Fiction Shorts 
2009 Stolen States of Dissent 
2009 Tea With Madame Clos Homegrown 
2009 Two Men Shorts★ Emerging Australian Filmmaker
2009 Van Diemen's Land Homegrown 
2009 We're Living on Dog Food Australian Post Punk 
2008 296 Smith Street Shorts★ Best Australian Short Film
2008 296 Smith Street Shorts★ Best Short Screenplay
2008 296 Smith Street Shorts★ Performance Award
2008 Ali & The Ball International Shorts Program 2 
2008 Chainsaw Official Competition 
2008 Chicken Of God   
2008 Father   
2008 Funk, The   
2008 Ground Beneath, The Shorts★ Best Australian Achievement in Cinematography
2008 Hawker   
2008 He. She. It.   
2008 Heart Shorts★ Best Documentary
2008 Heartbreak Motel   
2008 Hell's Gates Shorts★ Best Student Production
2008 Hell's Gates Shorts★ Emerging Australian Filmmaker Award
2008 I Love Sarah Jane Shorts★ Cinema Nova Creative Excellence Award in an Australian Short Film (joint award with Mutt)
2008 Jerrycan Shorts★ Best Achievement in Editing
2008 Mutt Shorts★ Cinema Nova Creative Excellence Award in a Short Film (joint award with I Love Sarah Jane)
2008 Netherland Dwarf   
2008 Nice Shootin' Cowboy   
2008 Paradise   
2008 Past Perfect - Present Continuous   
2008 Sacris Pulso   
2008 Sky is Always Beautiful, The   
2008 Time Ball   
2008 To Shoot a Mad Dog   
2008 Un-Australian, The   
2007 Australian Short Stories 
2007 4 Homegrown 
2007 67 Accelerator 
2007 Advantage Accelerator 
2007 Back Seat Australian Short Stories 
2007 Bat and the Butterfly, The  ★ Highly Commended Animation Award
2007 Book that Shook the World, The Homegrown 
2007 Boxing Day Homegrown 
2007 Boy Who Loved the Rain, The Animation Shorts  
2007 Bronze Mirror, The Animation Shorts  
2007 Butcher's Wife, The  ★ Award for Best Student Production
2007 Catch Fish Accelerator 
2007 Corroboree Homegrown 
2007 Crocodile Dreaming Accelerator 
2007 Crossbow  ★ Film Victoria Erwin Radio Award for Best Australian Short Film
2007 Curse, The Australian Short Stories 
2007 Custard Australian Short Stories 
2007 Dance Like Your Old Man  ★ Best Documentary Short Film
2007 Dance Like Your Old Man  ★ Nova Cinemas Award for Creative Excellence in Australian Film
2007 Dugong Short & Local 
2007 Fast Lane Accelerator 
2007 Forbidden Lie$ Homegrown 
2007 Hollow Tree, The Short & Sinister 
2007 Home Song Stories, The Homegrown 
2007 Hope Homegrown 
2007 Hush Australian Short Stories 
2007 Jackie Jackie Australian Short Stories 
2007 Kalaupapa Heaven Homegrown 
2007 Katoomba Accelerator 
2007 Kin Accelerator 
2007 Kindle Short & Local 
2007 Monkey Grip Homegrown 
2007 My Last Ten Hours With You Accelerator 
2007 Nana  ★ Melbourne Airport Award for Emerging Australian Filmmaker
2007 Nigger Lovers Doco Shorts 
2007 Night Homegrown 
2007 Norbert Animation 
2007 One Verse, No Chorus Experimental & Conceptual Shorts 
2007 Poetry Short & Local 
2007 Postman, The Short & Local 
2007 Punch Short & Local 
2007 Remember My Name Short & Local 
2007 Run, Rabbit, Run Homegrown 
2007 Searching 4 Sandeep Homegrown 
2007 September Homegrown 
2007 Soft Words Doco Shorts 
2007 Spider Accelerator  
2007 Strange Hysteria, A Short & Sinister 
2007 Tasmanian Devil: The Fast and Furious Life of Errol Flynn Homegrown 
2007 Visitor, The Accelerator 
2007 Walnut   
2007 When Your Feet Don't Touch The Ground Experimental & Conceptual Shorts 
2006 2:37 Australian Showcase 
2006 Anne and Richard Fiction Shorts 
2006 Astronomer, The Animation Shorts 
2006 Book Of Revelation, The Australian Showcase 
2006 Cat and Claudia, The Fiction Shorts 
2006 Cay Cau (The Betel Tree) Documentary Shorts 
2006 Checkpoint Fiction Shorts 
2006 Dance, The Fiction Shorts 
2006 Desealer, The Australian Showcase 
2006 Desert, The Fiction Shorts 
2006 Dig Experimental Shorts 
2006 EM 4 JAY Australian Showcase 
2006 End of Town 45th MIFF Short Film Awards★ Emerging Australian Filmmaker - Julius Avery
2006 Everything We Are Fiction Shorts 
2006 From Gold to Grapes: The Story of Landsborough Animation Shorts 
2006 Global Haywire Australian Showcase 
2006 Hunt Angels Australian Showcase 
2006 Kanyini Australian Showcase 
2006 Last Chip, The Fiction Shorts 
2006 Last Days of Yasser Arafat, The Australian Showcase 
2006 Last Train to Freo Australian Showcase 
2006 Like Minds Australian Showcase 
2006 Look Sharp 45th MIFF Short Film Awards★ Best Student Production
2006 Love This Time Fiction Shorts 
2006 Lovestruck: Wrestling's No. 1 Fan Australian Showcase 
2006 Luminary, The Animation Shorts 
2006 My Brother Vinnie 45th MIFF Short Film Awards★ Best Documentary Short Film
2006 Opal Dream Australian Showcase 
2006 Paper and Sand Fiction Shorts 
2006 Rampage Australian Showcase 
2006 Rats and Cats Australian Showcase 
2006 Raul the Terrible Australian Showcase 
2006 Rock I Gave You the Best Years of My Life Documentary Shorts 
2006 Sexy Thing 45th MIFF Short Film Awards★ Award for Creative Excellence in Australian Film
2006 Small Boxes 45th MIFF Short Film Awards★ Best Australian Short Film
2006 Snow Fiction Shorts 
2006 Suburban Mayhem Australian Showcase 
2006 Transformers: The Art of Circuit Bending Documentary Shorts 
2006 Troy Documentary Shorts 
2006 Unfolding Florence - The Many Lives of Florence Broadhurst Australian Showcase 
2006 Veiled Ambition 45th MIFF Short Film Awards★ Award for Short Film Promoting Human Rights
2006 William Fiction Shorts 
2006 Women of the Sun: 25 Years Later Australian Showcase 
2006 Yallourn Story Animation Shorts 


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Start: 30 Jul 2015
End: 16 Aug 2015

Submission deadlines

Early 11/12/2014; Regular 26/02/2015; Late 27/03/2015