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Funding Approvals

Documentary Development | Single-project documentary development | Documentary development - matched funding | Documentary development - time-critical & matched funding

Documentary development

Title Amount Team
The Black Beyond $20,000 Julian Shaw & Jonathan Green
Breaking the News $20,000 Nicholas Hansen
Convict Ghosts Speak Out $20,000 Roger Scholes
Cuts $25,000 Sarah Lewis
Fatal Storm $23,000 Marcus Gillezeau & Michael O'Neill
Fokkers Lost Diaries $20,000 Luhsun Tan
Mad as Hell: The Peter Finch Story $15,000 Robert de Young & Paul Clarke
The Miracle Men $10,000 Tom Zubrycki & Kuranda Seyit
Red Card Pink Army $20,000 Gef Senz
Straight and True $20,000 Sonia Bednar
True Crimes of the Lone Avenger $10,000 Susie Foster
Utopia $20,000 Bruce Petty & Claude Gonzalez
The Wood Royal Commission $19,000 Dylan Blowen & Rachel Landers


Single-project documentary development

Title Amount Team
A Cycle of Hate $30,000 John Lewis
Across the Divide $40,000 Peter Hiscock
Blood and Fire - Salvos at War $10,000 Anna Rudd
Dancing Downunder $10,000 Veronica Fury
Interview One $15,000 Fiona Cochrane
Ishwari $39,833 Faramarz K-Rahber & Annie Holden
Ochre and Ink $30,000> James Bradley & Rachel Clements
Perch Creek $10,000 Chester Dent


Documentary development - matched funding

Title Amount Team
Complete Utter History of Australia $25,000 Charles Firth
Divorce - Sharia Way $12,298 Jennifer Crone
Family Confidental $14,015 Laurie Critchley
The Inquisition $10,000 Dylan Blowen
Inside the Firestorm $35,000 Lucy Maclaren
Rapture of the Deep $20,000 Tina Dalton
Recipe for Murder> $10,000 Susan Lambert
Scarlet Road $16,500 Pat Fiske
Shaping Australia $20,000 Chris Hilton
Who Do You Think You Are? $20,000 Brian Beaton


Documentary development - time critical

Title Amount Team
A Very Short War $15,000 Karl Conti
Birthing Rite $17,100 Janet Merewether
Connected by Light $20,000 Viron Papadopoulos
Eleven $15,000 Genevieve Bailey
Farewell My Village $40,000 Tom Zubrycki
Girls Own War Stories $9,000 Jennifer Ainge & Paul Roy
Harbin $15,000 Larry Zetlin
In Smoke $40,000 Janine Hosking
Kirby - A Dash of Tolerance $40,000 Sue Maslin
The Legend of the Flying Leathernecks $20,000 Mark Street & Fiona Cochrane
Looking for Nadine $20,000 Nick Torrens
Love is a Battlefield $20,000 Mish Armstrong & Maryjeanne Watt
Memoirs of a Plague $20,000 Mitzi Goldman
Music Beyond Borders $30,000 Trevor Blainey
The Naked Lentil $20,000 Kylie Bryant
Penguin Island $20,000 Sally Ingleton & Miranda Wills
The Search for Weng Weng $20,000 Veronica Fury
The Real Thing $10,000 Mike Hill
The Rights of Nature $15,000 Scott Millwood
When the Sky Fell Down $30,000 Lizette Atkins


Documentary development - time-critical & matched funding

Title Amount Team
Magic Bullet $30,000 Judy Rymer
Scramjet $40,000 Ruby O'Rourke
The Naked Lentil $10 000 Kylie Bryant


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