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FUNDING approvals
In the archive
2016–2017 Documentary DEVELOPMENT


May 2017

May Bone to Pick $20,000 Jennifer Peedom, Jo-Anne Brechin, Jo-anne McGowan
May The Coming Back Out Ball $10,000 Sue Thomson, Roger Monk, Adam Farrington-Williams
May Captain Flynn and His Super Brothers $15,000 Kalita Corrigan, Rebecca Barry, Madeleine Hetherton
May The Fight $15,000 Violeta Ayala, Daniel Fallshaw
May Bionic Eye $20,000 Simon Nasht, Geoffrey Smith, Ruth Cross
May Television Event $15,000 Jeff Daniels, Jeni McMahon
May This is Reality $20,000 Chris Phillips, Michaela Perske
May The Double Life of Dave Graney $15,000 Nick Cowan, Matt Bate, Mark Patterson,
Rebecca Summerton
May The Horrors $10,000 Mish Armstrong, Rob Innes, Aleck Morton

February 2017

February Footscray (working title) $20,000 Lizzette Atkins, Rhian Skirving, Santilla Chingaipe,
Andrew Sully
February Wild Things (formerly Greenies) $20,000 Sally Ingleton, Tosca Loobey, Marli Lopez Hope
February Heart of the Queen $20,000 Michaela Perske, Matthew Walker
February Out of the Shadows (formerly Traumatised) $20,000 Kim Dalton, Penny Robins, Belinda Mason

December 2016

November Uku 360 $20,000 Cassie De Colling, Craig Griffin, Anton Andreacchio
November My Name is Ma $15,000 John Moore, Nicole Ma
November Journey Beyond Fear $15,000 John Hughes, Robyn Hughan
November Everyone's A Critic $10,000 Kylie Washington, Alison Black
November Annie Rides Again $11,000 Adam Farrington-Williams, Rohan Spong
November The Naked Comedian $15,000 Nicholas Dunlop
November Get Current $5,000 Darius Devas, Adam Farrington-Williams
November The Ghost of Neruda $15,000 Tatiana Velasco, Veronica Fury, Dena Curtis
November Magical Land of Oz (formerly Australia) $15,000 Karina Holden, Sue Clothier, Tosca Looby
November Wild Horses $15,000 Gisela Kaufmann, Carsten Orlt

October 2016

October The Business of Strangers $25,000 Margaret Bryant, Kirk Marcolina
October The Bowraville Murders $25,000 Adam Kay, Susan Lambert, Dan Goldberg, Stefan Moore 
October DQSY $10,000 Marian Macgowan, Justin Davies, Andrew Lancaster, Katherine Thomson
October Paper City $15,000 Melanie Brunt, Sophie Hyde, Adrian Francis 
October Trafficking Jam $15,000 Catherine Scott
October When Duty Kills (formerly First Responders) $15,000 Helen Barrow, Jenny Ainge, Susan Lambert
October Lili $15,000 Peter Hegedus, Andras Muhi 
October Davie Wants to Live $20,000 Margie Brown, Scott Walton, Mandy Lake 

August 2016

August Midget - The Forgotten Hero of Australian Surfing $15,000 Madeleine Hetherton, Jolyon Hoff, Monty Webber
August 2040 $15,000 Nick Batzias, Anna Kaplan, Damon Gameau
August Inside the Pod $15,000 Sally Browning, Colette Beaudry, Adam Geiger
August Mark Twain is on my Train $10,000 Helen Bowden, Jason Stephens, Bruce Permezel
August The Lady of the Swamp (formerly Swamp - Who Murdered Margaret Clement) $15,000 Veronica Fury, Lawrence Johnston
August John Croall: Life and Death in a Company Town (formerly The Tree Doctor) $15,000 Margie Bryant, Rebecca Elliott, Heather Croall
August Coastwatchers $10,000 Michael Harvey, David Taft, Steve Westh
August Inside the Swarm $15,000 Ben McNeill, Mark Lewis, Peta Ayers
August Murder is Slowly Killing Me: The Fairly True Story of the Real Rake $15,000 Bentley Dean, Keri Light
August White Light (formerly Brown Sub) $20,000 George Gittoes, Helen Schausberger

Disclaimer:  Screen Australia has undertaken all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of this information at time of publication. If you have any updates please email Documentary.