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Funding Approvals
2017-2018 Documentary Development

Approved: MAY 2018

Title Amount Team
Small Island Big Song $10,000 Timothy Parish, John Cherry, Tim Cole, Harry Bardwell
Fairy Dog Mother $15,000 Nia Pericles, Celia Tait
Silent No More (working title) $15,000 Anita Brown, Laurie Critchley
The Good Life $7,000 Briony Benjamin
Petrichor $10,000 Emma Roberts, Ben Andrews, Jane Liscombe
The Weinstein Effect - Where to from here? $15,000 Nicole Minchin, Angela Pippos
The Secrets of Success $10,000 Annamaria Talas, Simon Nasht
Primal Screams: The Fun of fear $10,000 Lester Francois, Anna Brady, Erinn Stevenson
Untitled Tent Boxing Project $10,000 Molly O'Connor, Anton Andreacchio, Madeleine Parry
Quoll Farm $15,000 Matt Hamilton, Simon Plowright, Nick Hayward, Simon Nasht
The University of O $5,000 Katrina Lucas, Rebecca Elliott, Sophie Hyde
The Drawer where Summer Dwells $10,000 Brian McKenzie, Grace McKenzie
The Investigative Artist $10,000 Yaara Bou Melhem
Brock $10,000 Veronica Fury, Kriv Stenders
Strong Women $5,000 Alexandra Gaulupeau, Corinne Innes

Approved: MARCH 2018

Title Amount Team
Making Modest History (working title) $15,000 Janine Hosking, Katrina McGowan
Venus Bay $15,000 Maya Newell, Sophie Hyde
Untitled $10,000 Danny Ben-Moshe
Untitled Dudko Project $15,000 Maya Kuzina, Sam Griffin, Maria Dudko, Chris Hilton
Milkman $15,000 Sarah Shaw, Eddie Martin
My Big Fat Italian Kitchen $15,000 Lisa Wang, Trevor Graham
The History of Australia in 100 Objects $5,000 Paige Livingston, Toby Creswell, Jenny Lalor
Palazzo di Cozzo (working title) $10,000 Philippa Campey, Samantha Dinning, Madeleine Martinello
Wild Blue $15,000 Ingrid Longley, Steve Westh, Greg Colgan, Andrea Quesnelle
The Real Jaws $15,000 Bettina Dalton, Alan Erson
#NastyWomen $5,000 Rebecca Barry, Madeleine Hetherton
The Victoria Project (title revoked) $25,000 Ruth Cross, Jennifer Peedom, Simon Nasht, Stuart Menzies
Driverless $10,000 Daniel Joyce, Paul Gallasch
Head On $5,000 Adam Farrington-Williams, Darius Devas
Love on the Spectrum $10,000 Cian O'Clery, Karina Holden

Approved: November 2017

Title Amount Team
Gordafarid $15,000 Lizzette Atkins, Nora Niasari, Saeed Rashtian
Orchid Fever: A story of obsession $10,000 Mark Lewis
Fire Starter - The Story of Bangarra $15,000 Nial Fulton, Ivan O'Mahoney, Nel Minchin, Wayne Blair
Museum On The Seam (working title) $20,000 Sherine Salama
Otto on Otto $15,000 Nick Bloomfield, Craig Deeker, Gracie Otto, Nicole O'Donohue
Not Rest Home $15,000 Alison Black, Marion Farrelly
Please F**k Off, It's Our Turn Now $10,000 Rob Innes
Tall Poppy $15,000 Kiki Dillon, Michaela Perske, Justine Moyle
Dark Water (formally Riding the Monster) $15,000 Ash Dunn, Liam Taylor
When the Sky Fell Down - The Myth of Guy Bourdin $15,000 Tait Brady, Shannon Owen, Sean Brandt
Islam and the Future of Tolerance $15,000 Susan MacKinnon, Greg Stikeleather, Suzi Jamil, Aaron Louis, Desh Amila, Jay Shapiro

Approved: September 2017

Title Amount Team
A River Made Us $10,000 Annie Venables, Chris Kamen, Heather Cassidy, Kasimir Burgess, Natasha Pincus
Brazen Hussies $11,000 Philippa Campey, Andrea Foxworthy, Catherine Dwyer, Sue Maslin
The Children in the Pictures $20,000 Ruth Cross, Akim Dev, Simon Nasht
China Australia Dreaming $10,000 Alan Erson, Bruce Permezel, Sally Aitken, Michael Tear, Richard Finlayson
Finding the Eastern Australian Current $15,000 Jon Shaw, Electra Manikakis, Nicholas Robinson, David Gross
Impermanence $15,000 Frank Haines, Ryan Jasper Walsh, Mark Gould
Out of the Box (working title) $15,000 Alejandra Canales, Claire Fletcher
Revelation $25,000 Nial Fulton, Sarah Ferguson
The Side Show $15,000 Karen Bryson, Christopher Nelius, Julie-Anne Deruvo, Paul Wiegard
Wild West Australia $15,000 Leighton De Barros, Jodie De Barros, Paul Payne

Approved: July 2017

Title Amount Team
The Kids $20,000 Eddie Martin, Sarah Shaw
Chrissy Amphlett: Lay My Body Down $10,000 Lynn-Maree Milburn, Richard Lowenstein, Maya Gnyp, Andrew de Groot
The Son of Captain Blood (formerly Finding Flynn) $20,000 Geoffrey Smith, Ian White
Saving Snow $10,000 Sonya Pemberton, Jonica Newby
The Gunnery - Woolloomooloo $15,000 Marcus Gillezeau, Ellenor Cox
Operations From The Bottom $15,000 Gemma Quilty, Tom Zubrycki
A Thin Black Line (formerly Frog Hollow VR) $20,000 Douglas Watkin, Katy Morrison
Out Loud $15,000 Wendy Champagne, Oren Siedler
Hit The Road Jane $15,000 Alison Black, Emma Masters