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Funding Approvals
2020-2021 Documentary Development

Approved: June 2021

Title Amount Team
Harley & Katya $25,000 Blayke Hoffman, Selina Miles, Jo-anne McGowan, Jennifer Peedom
Lasting Words - A Friend in Death $15,000 Alice Wolfe
Miss Ink $25,000 Jo-Anne Brechin, Jo Austin, Ari Harrison
Pianos Forever $20,000 Natalia Laska, Julia Overton
Without Limits $12,450 Kylee Ingram, Sam Griffin, Max Bourke
Working Title $20,000 Roger Ungers

Approved: MAY 2021

Title Amount Team
A Footballer's Guide to Revolution $20,000 Laurence Billiet, Gal Greenspan, Alice Burgin, Rachel Anthony
The Best Medicine $20,000 Michaela Perske, Josh Butt, Artie Laing
The Folbigg Diaries $15,000 Quentin McDermott, Ivan O'Mahoney
The Love of My Life $17,850 Francesca Rizzoli, Trevor Graham
Tour de France Féminin $20,000 Nickolas Bird, Eleanor Sharpe

Approved: APRIL 2021

Title Amount Team
Bukal Bukal $14,000 Julie Nihill, Rhoda Roberts, Julia Peters, Professor Henrietta Marrie, Susie Montague, Carl Fourmile
Everybody's Oma $15,000 Jason van en, Roslyn Walker
Girls Takeover (Working Title) $5,000 Richard Welch, Inday Ford
Never Get Busted! $25,000 Daniel Joyce, David Ngo, Stephen McCallum, John Battsek, Chris Smith
Southern Ocean Live $25,000 Karina Holden
The Birthday Party $17,500 Ian White

Approved: MARCH 2021

Title Amount Team
Conversion $16,000 Philippa Campey, Samantha Dinning, Antony Lowenstein, Olivia Rosenman
Leap of Faith $15,000 Dan Goldberg, Adam Kay, Miriam Stein, Jon Donaldson
Saving the Wild $14,000 Bree Davies (Billington), Noah Norton, Hemi Davies
The Removalist $20,000 Clare Lewis, Carolina Sorensen

Approved: FEBRUARY 2021

Title Amount Team
Harley & Katya $25,000 Blayke Hoffman, Macario De Souza
Combination Soup $8,000 Jim Wright, Emma Roberts, Prad Sen
Terra, Sotto Terra (working title) $20,000 Emma Franz

Approved: JANUARY 2021

Title Amount Team
Five Year Grandma $20,000 Ravi Chand, Tony Briggs, Diana Fisk

Approved: DECEMBER 2020

Title Amount Team
Australia’s Open $15,000 Charlotte Wheaton, Bruce Permezel, Virginia Whitwell, George Megalogenis, Nick Batzias
Pain and Prejudice $15,000 Bonnie Moir, Leah Filley, Kate Laurie
Who Draws the Line $10,000 Alex Alexander, Max Favetti, Georgina Savage, Danielle Favetti

Approved: NOVEMBER 2020

Title Amount Team
I Am Not Your Icon $22,500 Michael Hilliard, Camilla Mazzaferro, Casey Ventura, Alyssa McClelland, Kate Hankin
Talking Hands $15,000 Anne Tsoulis, Alison Wotherspoon
Blown Apart (Working Title) $20,000 Liselle Mai, Majhid Heath, Troy Lum, Hayley Johnson

Approved: october 2020

Title Amount Team
Missing Persons Investigations $20,000 Suzanne Smith, Andrea Keir, Laurie Critchley, Sally Aitken, Rebecca Hill
Descent $5,000 Nays Baghai, Eero Heinonen, Mehrdad Baghai
Mutant $20,000 Sonya Pemberton, Tony Wright
Framed $10,000 Liz Burke, Anupam Sharma

Approved: SEPTEMBER 2020

Title Amount Team
The Kings $15,000 Cody Greenwood, Gracie Otto, Shani Hinton, Charles Finch

Approved: AUGUST 2020

Title Amount Team
The Flavour of Life $10,000 Annamária Tálas, Simon Nasht
Hard-Ons are Australia's Favourite Band $9,000 Jonathan Sequeira, Nalini Sequeira, Wade Jackson

Approved: JUly 2020

Title Amount Team
Dog's Down Under $10,000 Clare Plueckhahn, Stefan Bugryn, Fran Derham, Cathy Rodda
Wonderful Wollongong $15,000 Michaela Perske, Larissa Behrendt