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Funding Approvals
2017–2018 development funding

Story Development  |  Features Matched Marketplace

Story Development

August 2017

We Are Arcadia Pty Ltd

Genre Thriller, Mystery, Science Fiction    
Producers Lisa Shaunessy, Phyllis Laing, Kate Croser
Director Seth Larney     
Writers Seth Larney, Dave Paterson         
Synopsis One man's journey to the future to save a dying world.

Film Depot Pty Ltd        

Producer Louise Smith               
Writer Liz Doran

CROAK (working title)
Midwinter & Jungle
Genre Comedy, Horror  
Producers Bridget Callow-Wright, Chloe Rickard     
Directors Christiaan Van Vuuren, Connor Van Vuuren         
Writers Shane Brady, Priscilla Cameron    
Synopsis When a mining boom town is plagued by the presence of a giant mutant cane toad, a misfit gang of teenagers must band together to defeat the monster and the corrupt mining company that created it.

Carver Films Pty Ltd      

Genre Drama                
Producers Sarah Shaw, Anna McLeish                   
Writers Maxine Beneba Clarke, Erik Jensen
Synopsis Ella, eight and African-American, lives in a tiny flat in New Orleans. Her favourite person to visit is Delores, in her sixties and greying, to hear stories about Delores and her old friend Izzy. Carter is Izzy's ten-year old grandchild, living in Newmarket, Mississippi, unaware that his life will soon collide with Ella and Delores in a heartbreaking and inspirational way. Adapted from Maxine Beneba Clarke's acclaimed short story of the same name.

Macgowan Films Pty Ltd

Genre Comedy, Drama              
Producers Marian Macgowan, Sarah Radclyffe         
Director MJ Delaney      
Writer Rachel Hirons     
Synopsis Set in Tasmania in the 1980s, this is a comic coming-of-age story in which our slightly overweight and mendacious hero seeks fame and fortune, only to discover the truth far closer to home.       

The Film Company Pty Ltd          

Genre Drama    
Producer Richard Keddie
Director Rachel Ward    
Writer Glen Dolman      
Synopsis A grand experiment of free love and modernism that liberated Australia and unleashed one of its greatest talents.

Matthewswood Pty Ltd   

Genre Comedy, Drama
Producer Lee Matthews              
Writer Gina Lambropoulos         
Synopsis A hedonistic middle-aged gay publican’s lifestyle crashes to a halt when the 7 year old niece he’s never known is thrust into his care.

Whitefalk Films Pty Ltd  

Genre Drama, Thriller
Producer Alex White
Executive Producers Jan Chapman, Jane Campion            
Director / Writer Mirrah Foulkes 
Synopsis Fearing the unravelling of her relationship, a young woman leads her husband into a complex and dangerous world of sexual fantasy that entangles the lives of her older neighbours.

Sense & Centsability Pty Ltd
Genre Comedy, Drama              
Producer Leanne Tonkes            
Writer Mithila Gupta      
Synopsis Asha defies her father and escapes to India to become a Bollywood dancer – but without family, she’s a total foreigner in her own land.

Windmill Pictures         
Genre Comedy, Drama, Family
Producers Kaye Weeks, Rosemary Myers              
Director Rosemary Myers
Writer Matthew Whittet  
Synopsis This is a story about three teenagers. Matt, Luke and Jonathon. They’re meeting up before the school dance. They’re on a mission. But they’re losers.         

Macgowan Films Pty Ltd 
Genre Drama    
Producers Marian Macgowan, Peter Herbert, Jan Marnell, Senia Dremstrup               
Writer Elise McCredie, Andrew Knight (script consultant)     
Synopsis For Jørn Utzon and Joe Cahill the Sydney Opera House was a shared and daring vision that brought a deep friendship; for the political forces that rallied against them they became the whipping boys of culture,  yet still a building was created that changed the image of a country.

THE DRY          
Made Up Stories Pty Ltd 
Genre Thriller, Drama
Producers Bruna Papandrea, Reese Witherspoon   
Director Robert Connolly
Writer Harry Cripps       
Synopsis When Aaron Falk returns to his drought ravaged town in Victoria to attend his best mate’s funeral, he finds himself drawn into a web of lies and murder, which forces him to confront the guilty secrets of his own past. Based on the novel of the same name, written by Jane Harper.

Hypergiant Films Pty Ltd
Genre Drama, Horror, Thriller
Producer Joe (Joanne) Weatherstone                  
Writer Damien Power    
Synopsis A group of inseparable friends discover an abandoned building within which it is impossible to be hurt or killed.

Features matched marketplace

august 2017

Made Up Stories Pty Ltd
Genre Drama, Family
Producers Bruna Papandrea, Naomi Watts, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Cooper           
Writer Shaun Grant       
Synopsis Penguin Bloom is the heart-warming true story of a family's extraordinary friendship with a unique little bird. Based on the book of the same name, written by Bradley Trevor Greive with photographs by Cameron Bloom.
Matched with Roadshow Films


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