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Funding approvals
2017-2018 Practitioner Support

Indigenous Screen Business Fund recipients

BUNYA Productions made up of Australian screen creatives Ivan Sen (Beneath Clouds, Toomelah) and David Jowsey (Mad Bastards, Jasper Jones). The company aims to create a business hub to unite other Indigenous creative companies and engage two new personnel including an experienced Line Producer and Junior Indigenous Producer.

Inkey Media helmed by company director Dena Curtis (Grace Beside Me). The funding will go towards refining Inkey Media’s business model, setting up an office and bringing on board experienced Production Manager, Tara Wardrop.
Mitchell Stanley’s (Servant Or Slave) production company No Coincidence Media (NCM). Funding will allow NCM to engage a business advisor to refine their business plan and transition their slate toward narrative drama production. Additionally, the funding will enable NCM to employ Toni Stowers as a Junior Development Executive to work across their upcoming television, documentary and online projects.
Majhid Heath (A Chance Affair, Brown Lips), company director of Noble Savage Pictures. Majid will use the funding to bring on board Hayley B Johnson as a Development Producer for the company. Both Hayley and Majhid will work on a large slate of projects in development.
Bain Stewart and Leah Purcell of Tahlee Productions have secured Indigenous Screen Business Funding to go towards building a business plan. With Tahlee in late stage development of Leah’s first feature film as writer/director, The Drover’s Wife – The Legend of Molly Johnson, the funding comes at a perfect time to develop their strategy for the next 3-5 years. 
Tamarind Tree Pictures (Croker Island Exodus, Carry the Flag) comprising of Danielle MacLean, Steven McGregor and Anna Grieve. The team will use their funding to consolidate production, set up an office and have Danielle MacLean transition to being a dedicated producer for the company.
Tony Briggs (The Sapphires, The Warriors) and Damienne Pradier of Typecast Entertainment. Typecast will use their funding to engage a consultant to assist in developing a detailed business plan.


September 2018 Viviana Petyarre Internship – Sand Over Films $5,300 Viviana Petyarre  
June 2018 Darlene Johnson Internship – Matchbox Pictures $8,000 Darlene Johnson  
May 2018 Dena Curtis Internship - See Saw Films $10,000 Dena Curtis 
April 2018 Sean Bahr-Kelly Internship - Top End Wedding $12,500 Sean Bahr-Kelly
April 2018 Rachael Chisholm Internship - Top End Wedding $12,500 Rachael Chisholm
April 2018 Heath Baxter Internship - Top End Wedding $12,500 Heath Baxter
April 2018 Elliana Lawford Internship - Top End Wedding $12,500 Elliana Lawford
March 2018 Shakara Walley Internship -  Matchbox Pictures $10,000 Shakara Walley
January 2018 Mitchell Stanley Internship -  Causeway Films $57,615 Mitchell Stanley
August 2017 Jub Clerc Internship - Golden Road Productions $5,000 Jub Clerc