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Australian Festivals, Special Events and Conferences

Intended to promote Australian productions and practitioners to audiences via significant domestic events, this program provides funding to established film festivals, national touring programs, and major standalone conferences and special events.

The aims of the program are to:

  • promote quality Australian films to Australian audiences
  • develop exhibition opportunities
  • provide increased audience access to curated screen programs
  • provide opportunities for critical debate and analysis of screen content
  • provide opportunities for professional development
  • provide opportunities for the wider Australian community, including regional Australia, to access a diverse range of screen programs
  • showcase Australian film, television and interactive digital media projects and practitioners to audiences through recognising excellence and achievement
  • support the marketing needs of Australian films, while promoting the national industry and its practitioners.

Who can apply?

Applicants must meet the general eligibility criteria for Screen Australia funding in the Terms of Trade. The following specific requirements also apply (we may make exceptions to these at our discretion):

  • The event must take place within Australia.
  • Screen Australia will not provide funds retrospectively.

Assessment criteria

When considering applications for funding under this program, we take the following into account:

  • Clearly identified outcomes that contribute to the aims of this program. Applicants should articulate how the event will complement and profile Australian films nationally.
  • Demonstrated national relevance of the event and how it does not duplicate other existing activities.
  • Whether the event is well planned and achievable within the budget, with consideration to financial and corporate governance, and evidence of strategic partnerships that maximise sponsorship or other support from private and/or other government sources (both cash and in-kind support).
  • Whether thorough consideration has been given to marketing, promotion and target audience.
  • The capability, experience and relevant track record of the applicants and their proposed team (including, where relevant, previous project acquittals).
  • Length of time in operation (preference will be given to established programs and events, that is, those that have been operating for three years or more).

Terms of funding

  • Funding through this program is generally for three years, subject to satisfactory performance and reporting against KPIs, but shorter terms may be approved in some circumstances.
  • Funding is in the form of a grant and is not recouped by Screen Australia. Recipients will, however, be required to provide reports as set out in their funding agreement according to their KPIs.
  • Receipt of funding should not lead to any expectation of continued assistance from Screen Australia beyond the term of the funding agreement.
  • On exceptional occasions, where funds allow, and at the discretion of Screen Australia, additional events may be funded.
  • This program is currently under review and new guidelines will be published in 2017 for funding commencing the 2018/19 financial year