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Enterprise ideas

Encouraging ambitious and innovative proposals that enable companies to adapt and respond to change, pursue new opportunities, and contribute to the commercial and creative development of the sector.

Enterprise Ideas provides tailored multi-year funding to companies seeking to undertake initiatives that will both develop their business as well as contribute to the industry more generally.

Through this program Screen Australia encourages applications that address all areas of the production value chain including: innovative models for project and professional development; new methodologies for established and emergent forms of production, such as virtual reality; and proposals for distribution and audience engagement.

Enterprise Ideas also seeks applications from screen companies that are leading their field either creatively and commercially in order to build capacity or take a new strategic direction; proposals that take advantage of the technological change that is continuing to impact on the sector; and initiatives that provide career and development pathways for new voices who can tell stories that reflect the rich diversity of Australia’s lived experience.

The Enterprise Ideas program is deliberately non-prescriptive in order to elicit the most innovative, ambitious, and potentially ground-breaking ideas from the sector.

What are the program objectives?

The Enterprise Ideas program will back screen sector proposals that are aiming to have a substantive quantitative as well as qualitative impact on the industry.
Screen Australia will give particular consideration to those proposals that seek to do one or more of the following:

  • Create a genuinely innovative development model;
  • Unlock new sources of finance for Australian development, production and distribution;
  • Expand the company’s international profile and presence by developing international business and creative relationships; gaining access to global financing sources; and opening up potential future markets;
  • Build genuinely new audiences for Australian content or create new avenues for distribution and release;
  • Encourage new voices that truly reflect the rich diversity of Australian society, including those from regions outside of the major production centres;
  • Open up the creative and commercial possibilities of an emerging field of screen production;
  • Significantly advance the exploration of new technologies and platforms;
  • Increase the size of the overall market for Australian screen production or distribution, including through domestic and international collaborations.

Enterprise Ideas will seek to fund a diverse range of companies with a variety of budgets and projects. The program will support the strongest proposals addressing the objectives of the program, with funding levels in line with the scale of the activity and supported by an appropriate budget.

What funding is available?

Enterprise Ideas will offer funding to deliver diverse initiatives costing between $100,000 and $400,000 over a maximum of two years. Screen Australia will consider support for projects across this entire budget range.

Who can apply?

Applicants for Enterprise Ideas may be:

  • Production or non-production entities
  • Newer companies and alliances with unique propositions and a clear plan outlining how they intend to pursue their objectives
  • Established companies proposing initiatives that would not be undertaken in their normal course of business.
  • Collaborations between companies, including with international partners.
  • However in order to be considered eligible for this funding program, the application must meet the below criteria.
  • The applicant company must:
  • Meet the General Eligibility requirements set out in Screen Australia’s Terms of Trade, including the requirement to be incorporated and carrying on business in Australia, and have its central management and control in Australia
  • Include at least one company director with a minimum of five years of relevant and/or associated participation in the media and entertainment industry
  • Demonstrate a commitment to contribute financially to the delivery of the proposal.

Previous recipients of funding under Enterprise Classic are eligible to apply, and if successful, must fully acquit any loan repayments. Recipients of funding under Enterprise People are also eligible.

However current recipients of funding through Enterprise programs including Enterprise Growth, Industry, Stories, are not eligible to apply, and previously funded companies will only be considered for proposals which are substantively different to those already funded.

Companies receiving funding through the Gender Matters: Brilliant Careers initiative will only be eligible to apply for new proposals.

What is the process?

There will be a two-stage application process.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their proposal prior to submission with the Manager, Enterprise.

Stage 1: Expressions of Interest

Using the Application Portal you must first submit an EOI setting out company details and the amount requested, along with:

  • a 3-5 page (single sided) written proposal outlining:
  • the objectives, strategy and company’s strengths in delivering it
  •  your company’s financial contribution to the strategy
  • how you will measure its success
  •  a current ASIC company extract (no more than three months old)
  • [optional but highly recommended] a pitch to camera, maximum length three minutes, summarising the proposal and its relevance to the Enterprise Industry program.

Screen Australia recommends that applicants be strategic about the amount and length of material they include in their application.

Only EOIs submitted by the nominated deadline will be considered – no extensions will be granted. Please note we will not accept any additional materials after this deadline date nor will we accept documents which exceed specified limits.

Applications will be considered by a committee of Screen Australia executives and/or Industry Specialists as required.

Eligible EOIs will be shortlisted against the following equally weighted criteria:

  • the quality of the proposal, including its level of innovation combined with a realistic rationale
  • the relevance of the proposal to the objectives of the program
  • the viability of the proposal in light of the company’s capabilities and financial contribution.

Screen Australia will advise applicants in writing of the outcome of the shortlisting process. Decisions on applications are final.

Stage 2

If your project is shortlisted, you will be invited to submit a complete application together with further supporting material via the Application Portal, including:

  • A concise business plan (maximum 12 single sided pages) which outlines the strengths of the proposal including:
  • The strategy for the delivery of the initiative, including a timeline and how your company will incorporate the proposal into its activities and how it fits with the company’s strategic direction
  • A market analysis and the rationale for the initiative
  • How the proposal addresses the objectives of the program
  • Details of any other sources of funding in addition to that sought from Screen Australia
  • Details of any partners, collaborators or service providers
  • Any other information that is relevant
  • A one-page budget (outlining the main budgeted costs per project or activity such as fees, marketing, travel) and breaking down the Screen Australia contribution as well as the company/alternative sources of finance contributions
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) appropriate to your proposal
  • A brief history of your company, and a description of its present position in the industry, including a summary of relevant credits or achievements

You will have up to three weeks to submit the stage 2 material; otherwise your application will be deemed ineligible.

Screen Australia reserves the right to request additional information, such as company financial statements.

Applications will be considered by a committee of Screen Australia executives and/or Industry Specialists as required.

Stage 2 applications will be considered against the following equally weighted criteria:

  • The quality of the proposal, including its level of risk, innovation and ambition, as well as a realistic assessment of the potential for it to be successfully delivered;
  • The relevance of the proposal to the objectives of the program;
  • The skills and track record of the applicant, including any external partners, collaborators or service providers, and their capacity to undertake the proposal;
  • The viability of the budget and timeline;
  • The financial commitment of the applicant and/or the applicant’s partners to the proposal, and the proportion that Screen Australia is expected to contribute financially;
  • The extent to which Screen Australia’s contribution would be a determining factor in the proposal going forward;
  • The overall commercial and creative benefit of the proposal to both the company and to the industry more generally;

Other factors, including availability of funds, the range of proposals and the gender and diversity of the team may also be taken into consideration in Screen Australia’s funding decisions.

Screen Australia will advise applicants in writing of the outcome of the shortlisting process and final decision. Decisions on applications are final.

Terms of funding

Funding will be provided as a grant.

Progress against agreed KPIs will be reviewed on a regular agreed basis, but at least on a six-monthly basis, and ongoing payments under the Enterprise Agreement will be subject to satisfactory performance and reporting.

As set out in its Terms of Trade, Screen Australia requires all successful applicants to act fairly and reasonably towards all third parties participating in their projects. For first time initiatives, where there are no precedents, successful applicants must consult with the appropriate Guilds and industry organisations to ensure that their proposed Terms and Conditions are in line with industry standards.

Successful applicants to Enterprise Ideas will be eligible to apply for other forms of Screen Australia funding. However, Screen Australia may not prioritise applications for other programs where the funding is for similar activities or initiatives to those supported under this program.

Recipients may be asked to provide material for case studies, program evaluation and/or participate in seminars or workshops to share their knowledge and experience.

Contact Program Operations: We encourage you to contact the Program Operations team before you submit your application to discuss any eligibility questions and ensure all the required supporting material is in place. This will mean we can process your application as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Program Operations: 1800 507 901 or email Enterprise.