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Gender Matters: Brilliant Careers

Screen Australia recognises the importance and value of women in the screen industry, both in business and as storytellers. We also recognise that in order to make a real difference to women’s participation in the industry, there needs to be a wholistic integrated approach to people, projects and business.

Brilliant Careers is a flexible and responsive initiative that aims to:

  • empower and increase the participation of women in the screen industry
  • stimulate ideas that will lead to the creation of business and industry infrastructure that is sustainable and self-generating
  • encourage proposals that will create viable career pathways and professional development opportunities to ensure ongoing renewal of women in the industry

We are looking for proposals that are strategic about the 'big picture' connections between people, careers, projects, business, marketplace and audiences.

The Brilliant Careers Fund is separate to other funding programs. We also encourage female applicants and team members to apply as usual to all of our funds.

What funding is available?

You may request up to $250,000 per proposal. While this is the upper limit, we encourage a range of budget sizes commensurate with the scale of your idea. A lower ask might make your proposal more competitive. 

Who can apply?

Eligibility is open to companies, industry organisations and guilds that have the capacity to implement and deliver on their proposal.

Previous recipients of Screen Australia’s Enterprise programs are eligible to apply, as long as the proposal that is part of this application is significantly different from their previous proposal(s).

All applicants must be an incorporated business with an ABN when applying. 

Applicants must also meet the general eligibility requirements set out in Screen Australia’s Terms of Trade

What can you apply for?

Broadly, the fund aims to help:

  • Create sustainable careers for women in the screen industry with a key focus on writers and directors.
  • Grow and evolve businesses that identify and engage with gaps and opportunities in the industry that prioritise female leadership.
  • Within the context of a slate and overall business plan, to develop and produce female-originated stories that have a clear sense of audience, and that are achievable in terms of the scale of the projects and the experience of the teams.
  • Support business models and distribution approaches that tap into the potential of stories for female audiences.
  • Create professional development opportunities for women in creative practice and/or business. This might be a professional development plan for an emerging female creative, such as a director across a number of productions within a company. It might be an opportunity for a potential leader and decision-maker within a marketplace entity such as a distribution company or broadcaster. Or it might involve an initiative to generate opportunities for writers and directors.
  • Identify and address gaps in the career development pathways for women creatives. Screen Australia acknowledges the following difficulties for women: finding the first job; progressing from short film and multiplatform to feature and TV; and making a second feature.

Although not prescriptive, we would encourage applications that create opportunities in the following areas:

  • mentorship opportunities – creative and business
  • concept and slate development that is strategically geared to marketplace and audiences
  • workshops, seminars, events
  • outward looking and sustainable business growth
  • the development of viable pathways between projects and audiences.

What materials do you need to apply?

As well as an online application form, you will need to submit the following materials:

  • a maximum five-page strategic plan that sets out the objectives of the proposal, how you are going to achieve these objectives and the expected outcomes.
  • a video pitch of up to three minutes
  • bios and credits for each key creative or company director
  • a budget breakdown.

Please do not submit materials that exceed the stipulated lengths or any additional documentation other than those outlined. We expect a high volume of applications and we do not have the resources to read additional materials. 

What is the assessment process?

Applications will be reviewed by a mix of Screen Australia executives and industry experts as required.

We may request shortlisted applicants to submit further documentation. We may also invite you to an interview if required.

Please note that, due to the open nature of the callout and the expected number of submissions, it will not be possible to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.

Assessment criteria

  • The quality, innovation and relevance of the proposal
  • The capacity, experience and skills of the applicant organisation or company to implement the proposal as well as the reasonableness and achievability of the budget and timeline
  • The ability of the proposal to create ongoing growth and renewal in regards to women’s participation, professional development opportunities, business growth etc.
  • How the proposal will be implemented, the expected outcomes and how these will be measured against KPIs

Women of diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply to foster diversity of ethnic and cultural background in the selection process of the successful applicants.

Terms of funding

Grant: Funding through this program is provided as a grant.

Further funding of projects in a slate: If a slate of projects is funded through the Brilliant Careers program, then these projects cannot apply to Screen Australia’s Story Fund until the period of Brilliant Careers funding is complete and acquitted.

Funding cannot be retrospective.

Delivery materials: Funding recipients must deliver the materials for which the funding was provided.

We encourage you to contact the Program Operations team before you submit your application to discuss any eligibility questions and ensure all the required supporting material is in place. This will mean we can process your application smoothly and efficiently. The Program Operations team can be contacted on 1800 507 901.

We receive many more applications than we can support. Inevitably, some applications will be unsuccessful and applicants will be disappointed by this result. However, our decision is final.

Specific requirements apply where there is Indigenous community participation or content involved in a project. Please refer to Indigenous Content.