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Funding approvals
In the archive
2017-2018 Enterprise People funding

  • Creative producer Melissa Sawyer will be mentored by Tim McGahan at Queensland-based production company Blacklab Entertainment Pty Ltd. Melissa will benefit from mentoring and work on Blacklab's development, financing and production slate with a view to securing producer credits.
  • Paul Moran will join Tasmanian animation company Blue Rocket where he will be mentored as a creative producer by principals Alicia Rackett and David Gurney. Paul will work across the company’s slate as well as develop his own projects to expand his skills and networks.
  • Creative producer Kristy Fuller will further her professional career development working in a high level work placement in the USA. Kristy has set up a strategic working relationship with LA-based, Emmy award winning producer Barry Hennessey at Bunim Murray Productions (Born This Way). Whilst maintaining her Victorian-based company 1440 Productions, this placement offers Kristy an opportunity to unlock funding and markets for her own content, as well as the ability to work on other large scale factual productions.
  • Rachele Wiggins will be mentored by Enzo Tedeschi at NSW based production company Deadhouse Films Pty Ltd where she will undergo a skills transition to become Creative Producer, working on their current slate which includes feature film, online series and VR projects.
  • Writer Ben Crisp will join Kirsty Stark’s South Australian company Epic Films Pty Ltd where he will be mentored by experienced creatives Stuart Beattie, Louise Fox and Ian Collie.
  • Creative producer Samantha Dinning will be mentored by Philippa Campey at her Victorian-based production company Film Camp. Samantha will work across the company’s diverse factual and fiction slate as well as secure new projects for development, and will work with Philippa to grow the company over time.
  • Award-winning company Ludo Studio in Brisbane will be supported to employ Daniel Schultz as Business Affairs Manager, building capacity for their business and freeing up the company’s principals to devote themselves to slate development and production.
  • Writer/director Tosca Looby will work alongside mentor Karina Holden at NSW based Northern Pictures where she will be developed into a creative producing talent, with a view to ultimately becoming Head of Natural History for the company. Tosca will work across the development slate as well as internationally with Northern Pictures’ new parent Canadian company Blue Ant.
  • Producer Jodie Bell will be supported through the capacity building stream of this program to branch out on her own and develop the independent production company Ramu Productions, based in Broome, WA.
  • Writer Martine Delaney will join Tasmanian company Roar Films Pty Ltd where she will be mentored by Steve Thomas. During the placement, Martine will gain insight into development and production practices in order to provide a solid foundation to further her career.
  • Briege Whitehead will undergo a placement at commercial, factual and entertainment company Blizzard Road Productions where she will be mentored by Ray Pedretti (72 Most Dangerous Animals, Can We Help). Briege will work across the company’s slate and develop her own projects, including exploring VR potential, to achieve producing credits.
  • Charlotte McConaghy will join highly experienced writer/producer Kris Wyld at Victorian based Wyld FGA Pty Ltd. Charlotte’s previous experience with the company was through a Screen Australia Gender Matters attachment on the ABC TV series Pulse as Script Editor. This mentorship will allow Charlotte to further develop her career, taking her forward to a creative producer role on a drama series with the company. Funding for this placement was revoked in April 2019.
  • Writer Paul Oliver attended the CineStory writer's retreat residency program in the US, and conducted meetings in Los Angeles for his projects in development.

Disclaimer:  Screen Australia has undertaken all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of this information at time of publication. If you have any updates please contact Enterprise.