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2012-2013 multiplatform production

Multiplatform Production

Multiplatform TV series
Ludo Studio
Producers Dave Jansen, Nick Boshier, Daley Pearson, Charlie Aspinwall
Series Producer Michelle Hardy
Writers Daley Pearson, Nick Boshier
Director Daley Pearson
Cast Nick Boshier (Bondi Hipsters, Beached Az), Alex Williamson, John Luc (Mychonny), Theodore Saidden, Nathan Saidden (SuperWog1)
Marketplace ABC2
Synopsis #7 Days Later is an interactive comedy series featuring an ensemble cast of YouTube celebrities. Each week the audience writes the brief via social media for an all-new episode featuring a well-known guest-star. Seven days later that week’s episode premieres on TV and across multiple platforms. 

Rawr Media
Interactive animation for tablet devices
Producer Pauline Piper
Director Simon Rippingale
Writer Erica Harrison
Marketplace Penguin, ABC Commercial
Synopsis A Cautionary Tail is now an interactive experience. The app takes you into the animated world of the award-winning short film starring Cate Blanchett and David Wenham about a girl born with a tail that must choose between conformity and self-expression.

Web series (sci-fi thriller)
Distracted Media
Producers Enzo Tedeschi, Julian Harvey
Directors Marc Furmie
Synopsis Jonah is tasked with what should be a routine investigation of a death on-board a ship that is docking with his space station. Jonah soon learns that the ship is actually a people-smuggling vessel, and that a strategic attack is being mounted on the space station. Jonah must overcome generations-old intergalactic prejudices in order to save those he can and warn humanity of the impending threat.

Multiplatform drama for tablet devices and PC
Producer Joel Beath
Director Ben Beath
Writers Matt Costello, Neil Richards
Synopsis The Eventide is a multi-platform drama for PC, iOS and Android devices, aimed at children 8-12 years of age. With an original novel written by award-winning authors Matt Costello and Neil Richards as the centrepiece, The Eventide utilises cutting edge digital technology and artistic and storytelling techniques to create an immersive multi-platform drama that is played out in both real and online worlds.

Games for touch screen devices & PCs
Chocolate Liberation Front
Producers Frank Verheggen, Dan Fill
Online Producer Chris Sullivan
Writer Matthew Phipps
Marketplace ABC Commercial
Synopsis A suite of three games aimed at 8–12-year-olds designed to capitalise on the release of the 39 x 8-minute animated ABC TV series. The games will be in the side-scrolling platform genre, available for touch screen mobile devices, as well as a lite-version to be played online.

Web series (comedy)
Producer Jason Byrne
Director Tony Rogers
Writer Rob Hibbert
Synopsis Presented in the format of an elaborate educational video, the series is set in a fictional 'call centre training college'. From here, presenter Maharaji Srivistiva Davo and a coterie of Indian instructors deliver a satirical take on the Australian way of life. From the director of Wilfred and Rats and Cats.

Web series/appisodes
iFodder Content Creators Pty Ltd
Producer/Writer/Director Sonny Vrebac
Producer Oliver Wenn
Cast Aljin Abella, Sonny Vrebac
Synopsis Two wannabe pick-up artists lead lives devoid of women, but they are desperate to change that. Their plans constantly go awry, as they dedicate themselves to perfecting dating science… on each other.

Web series (comedy)
Suitcase Films
Producer Megan McMurchy
Director Fadia Abboud
Writer Fadia Abboud, Peter Polites
Synopsis I Luv U But is a web series set in the heart of western Sydney's vibrant multicultural communities – with a difference.  It follows Sam and Mouna, who are married for convenience. Both gay, and having never come out to their parents, they are living a lie but they are living it up! They are ‘out’ to one another, ‘out’ to their closest friends, but still in the closet when it comes to their family. How long can they keep this secret going under the watchful eyes and ears of the Lebanese community?

Multiplatform TV series
JDR Screen
Producer Julia de Roeper
Director Robert Marchand
Writer Mark Thomson
Marketplace ABC
Synopsis The story of an unsung Australian genius whose inventions, 50 years ahead of their time, could now revolutionise the modern world. Unaccountably, these brilliant tools had all but disappeared until a recent discovery brought some of them to light. Henry Hoke was an Australian inventor whose many astonishing achievements have never received acknowledgment, but as climate change forces us to reinvent our world, Henry's time has finally arrived.

MAXIMUM CHOPPAGE (working title)
Multiplatform TV series
Matchbox Pictures
Producer Sophie Miller, Julie Eckersley
Executive Producers: Debbie Lee, Tony Ayres
Writers Lawrence Leung, Duncan Sarkies, Josh Mapleston
Marketplace ABC2, NBCU
Synopsis Simon Chan has returned to his hometown after many years training in a faraway martial arts temple. He is a born hero, defender of the weak and champion of the honest people of Cabramatta… Well, not really. The truth is Simon was at art school but he'd rather risk his life than disappoint his mother. Welcome to Maximum Choppage, a painfully funny kung fu comedy where identity, family and love is a battlefield.

Interactive documentary
Goodmorningbeautiful Films
Executive Producer Sue Maslin
Producers Julia de Roeper, Jocelyn Pederick, Benjamin Pederick
Writer/Director Benjamin Pederick
Digital Producer Jennifer Wilson, The Project Factory
Marketplace Adelaide Film Festival, Ronin Films, Murray-Darling Basin Authority, South Australian Tourism Commission, Tourism Australia, WOMAD
Synopsis Ringbalin is an interactive documentary for online screens, exhibition and mobile devices that reinterprets Australia’s greatest river system, the Murray-Darling, through the stories of the world’s oldest living Indigenous culture.

Interactive web and mobile game
Hoodlum Entertainment and Hoodlum Active Pty Ltd
Jackie Turnure
Executive producers Tracey Robertson, Nathan Mayfield
Director Anthony Mullins
Synopsis SoapStar . . It’s your line . . . SoapStar combines the power of social games with the enduring appeal of TV soaps in an innovative storytelling game that allows players to perform the characters and direct the story of their very own soap opera.

Multiplatform TV series
Hoodlum Entertainment
Producers Tracey Robertson, Nathan Mayfield
Writer/Director Daley Pearson
Marketplace ABC2
Synopsis Hapless city cop, Toby Banks, is demoted to night duty in the sleepy beachside village of Coolum, only to find himself investigating strange late night phone calls that reveal the bizarre truth of the town – a place where men turn into chickens, mermaids fall in love with locals and cats return from the grave…

Interactive web and mobile game
The Digital Project Factory Pty Ltd
Laura Moso
Executive producer Guy Gadney
Writers Tim Wilde, Glenys McLaughlin
Synopsis A suspected serial killer has been arrested: two bodies have been found, but evidence points to more people in danger. A suspect is in custody and has specifically asked for you to interrogate him. He is a charming, charismatic individual but there is clearly a dark side.  You must find out what makes the suspect him tick, what he is hiding in his past and find the truth before anyone else is harmed. But while you try and get inside his head, you know he’ll be doing the same to you and the identity of the next victim is not at all determined…

Multiplatform TV series
High Wire Films & Electric Living Productions
Executive Producer/Producer Nicole Minchin
Co-producers Jess Harris, Josh Schmidt, Annie Flynn
Directors Jess Harris, Mika Tran
Writer Jess Harris
Marketplace ABC 2
Synopsis Best friends Jess and Josh are back home from their overseas adventure to find all the same twentysomething questions waiting for them. But with the reality of thirtysomething looming, this series sees them finally asking “What are we destined to do?”

Serious game
Roar Film
Producers Craig Dow Sainter, Steve Thomas, Kath Symmons
Director Will Barry
Writer Paul Callaghan
Game Design Consultant Morgan Jaffit
Marketplace Australian National Maritime Museum
Synopsis A multiplayer serious game where users adopt the role of Captain of a convict transport ship from Britain to Van Diemen’s Land, becoming responsible for hiring, provisioning and navigating. They face the trials and tribulations of an actual voyage including adverse weather, disease, insanity, rebellion, mutiny and piracy.

Children's TV series
Jigsaw Entertainment Pty Ltd
Synopsis You're Skitting Me is a sketch comedy program for kids. The sketches are an edgy mix of zombies, cavemen, scary Girl Guides, parodies of TV and talent shows as well as some offbeat animations. The show features an ensemble cast of six teenagers and highlights the talent of Australia’s next generation of comedy writers.

Digital Ignition

iOS App
Producer Chris Joyner
Writer/Director Andrew Joyner
Synopsis Boris needs to get his act together! It’s time for the Hogg Bay School Talent Show and Boris wants to get on stage. But what can he do? Play an instrument? Teach his pets some tricks? Learn some jokes? Or maybe even juggle? It’ll be a lot of work and there’ll be some challenges along the way. In fact, it might not all go exactly to plan. But with your help – and a little help from his friends and family too – Boris just might come out a winner.

Multiplatform Documentary
Antibody Film Lab
Producer/Writer/Director Patrick Clair
Synopsis New technology is changing the way we live, the way we interact and the way we engage in conflict. We are experiencing an ongoing and relentless revolution. At the heart of this change are compelling tales of human drama, where fascinating real-life characters are locked in fierce competition for the hearts, minds and dollars of tomorrow. These are the battles of the Digital Revolution.

iOS Game
Producer Aidan O’Bryan
Interactivity Designer Al McEwen
Synopsis An action adventure game chronicling the quest of a full stop named Dot. Unaware of his true identity, Dot is called upon to undertake a grand adventure to bring order to The Text; propelling him into the company of old Gods, new loves and legendary weapons. A light-hearted game for portable devices about the secret lives of everyday letters, numbers and punctuation.

iOS App
Loveshack Entertainment
Producer/Director Joshua Boggs
Lead Designer Adrian Moore
Art Director Ollie Browne
Synopsis Framed is a panel-shifting narrative game experience where every panel tugs on the outcome of the story. Presented as a storyboard, each panel depicts an important action or event. Players must rearrange the order of these panels to change the delivery and outcome of the narrative. With each action Framed by the last, context is everything.

iOS Interactive Stories
Playpaz Pty Ltd, Mighty Kingdom
Creator/Writer/Producer Steve Pasvolsky
Lead Game Designer Phil Mayes
Synopsis Makin’ Tracks empowers kids to drive vehicles using the iPad as steering wheel. Each vehicle leads the player through a unique journey and landscape. Each journey has a simple story, culminating in an achievement... like rescuing snow leopard cubs from a snow drift in ‘Snow Tracks’. Each journey relies on simple interactions with the environment and with the car to ‘drive’ the story forward.

Interactive Documentary
Producer Carolyn Frichot
Director Daryl Dellora
Executive Producer Sue Maslin
Synopsis pirate-hunter.net is a multi-layered exploratory and interactive documentary and game that exposes the vast underworld of fishing piracy – a dramatic adventure through the murky depths of a multi-billion dollar global black market that thrives on stealing the oceans’ natural resources. Strong storytelling and actual detail on current pirating activity meet in a world that allows you to physically interact and provide your own solution on how you would help close the net on pirates.

Interactive/Social Documentary
Producer Emma Morris
Director Darius Devas
Synopsis This City Speaks is an interactive online documentary series capturing intimate video portraits of artists’ lives and inviting audiences to examine how art shapes cities and cities influence artists. The project starts in Melbourne, Australia, and will roll out to focus on cities across the globe; online, in the real world and on mobile platforms.  

PC, Mac & Tablet Game
Screwtape Studios
Megan Summers
Creative Director/Game Lead Designer Anthony Wood
Synopsis Trojan follows the adventures of Oddie, a robot on board a deep space colonisation vessel. After a ship-wide catastrophe, Oddie inadvertently becomes an unwilling pawn in a power struggle against a group who have lost faith in the AI that has been overseeing their mission for decades and, in the process, discovers what it means to think like a human.


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