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2013-2014 multiplatform production

Web series (sci-fi thriller)
Distracted Media
Producers Enzo Tedeschi, Julian Harvey
Directors Marc Furmie
Synopsis Jonah is tasked with what should be a routine investigation of a death on-board a ship that is docking with his space station. Jonah soon learns that the ship is actually a people-smuggling vessel, and that a strategic attack is being mounted on the space station. Jonah must overcome generations-old intergalactic prejudices in order to save those he can and warn humanity of the impending threat.

Web series
Boomgate Films
Producer Robin Geradts-Gill
Online Producer Ben McEwing
Directors Hannah Moon, Robin Geradts-Gill
Writers Stephen Sholl, Hannah Moon, Robin Geradts-Gill
Synopsis A selfless superhero begins to question his life choices after he's diagnosed with cancer.

Interactive, narrative-driven app
Universe Creation 101
Producer/Writer/Director Christy Dena
Synopsis Authentic In All Caps is a comedy drama set in a world split in two. You travel with an autopsy pathologist who has a hidden life as a philosopher. With her part-time time travelling assistant, she decides to take on a bet to find the meaning of death. In doing so, she attracts the wrath of ticket officers, her gambling philosopher ex, artist assassins, and a quantum theorist crime boss. She finds it's dangerously unpopular to be AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS.

Interactive app
Protein One Pty Ltd
Producer/Creative Director Galvin Scott Davis
Synopsis Daisy Chain is an interactive touch-screen app for children from the makers of Dandelion. The story follows a little girl named Buttercup Bree who doesn’t fit in, but hopes to ward off bullies through making daisy chains. The project is designed to encourage conversation between adults and children about bullying and help thwart this worldwide issue.

Web series
Endemol Australia
Producers Michael Horrocks, Mike Nayna
Writers Dayne Rathbone, Mike Nayna
Synopsis Dayne Rathbone has the comedy world at his feet. The winner of Triple J Raw Comedy, with sold out tours and invitations to festivals around the world, he's the next big thing. But there's something strange about Dayne. He's an enigma. Fellow comedian, fan, and career-driven young filmmaker Mike Nayna is intrigued, and sees an opportunity to create a mind-bendingly unique documentary.

Multiplatform animated web series
Ludo Studio Pty Ltd
Producers Nick Boshier, Charlie Aspinwall
Executive Producer Dave Jensen
Director Daley Pearson
Synopsis Doodles is a multiplatform, interactive, animated comedy series that takes real people's drawings via social media and turns them into hilarious animated micro-movies featuring a cast of coloured-in characters surrounded by insanity.

Multiplatform comedy series
Producers Aidan O’Bryan, Janelle Landers
Synopsis Set against the guts and glory of AFL, Four Quarters is a multiplatform comedy series influenced in real time by the weekend's footy results. It follows the lives of four friends as they talk life, love and grand final tickets every Monday at their local. There are curses to be shaken, (Eddie) bets to be made, and team infidelity rears its ugly head. Four Quarters is a funny and heartfelt story about football, passion, and making time for your friends (while at the same time hoping their team loses by 10 goals).

Interactive app
Bizzibrains Pty Ltd
Producer Nicola Lansdell
Creative Director Kat Chadwick
Synopsis In I Learn, kids put themselves, a parent and a teacher into the words and pictures of the story. They then help get their character ready and off to school where they're immersed in the challenges and joy of the classroom and schoolyard. An imaginative tale about school and the emotions that come with it, I Learn builds confidence, entertains and educates.

Multiplatform sci-fi comedy series
Hoodlum Active Pty Ltd
Producers Leigh McGrath, Nathan Mayfield, Tracey Robertson
Writer/Directors Michael Cox, Paul Mayze
Synopsis Illusion 5 Sweeper Squad is a 6 x 5-minute sci-fi comedy series that mixes live action, computer animation and visual effects. It follows the trials and tribulations of Illusion 5’s support crew as they deal with ordinary workday problems in the most extraordinary of workplaces … outer space! Illusion 5 Sweeper Squad is the ultimate underdog story, packed with humour, action and spectacle. 

Comedy series
Lead Balloon Productions
Producer Tamasin Simpkin
Writers Kate McLennan, Kate McCartney
Director Kate McCartney
Synopsis Katering is a 6 x 7-minute online comedy series that follows Kate McLennan (a horrendously smug foodie) as she tries to teach Kate McCartney (a food-intolerant anti-foodie) how to cook a new dish each week. Together, the pair travel to fresh-produce markets and hunt down food trucks, with McLennan channelling every food show TV host she's ever seen, and McCartney staving off boredom with a hipflask of booze.

Web series
Producers Robyn Kershaw, Amanda Morrison
Writer/Director John Luc
Synopsis Australia has a new Prime Minister – and he is Asian. So when Chonny and his family are evicted from their home and on the run from the police, they head straight for their relative's place – The Lodge! The PM reluctantly welcomes them in as mayhem and mischief take-over. And yet, as lacking as he is at school and as recalcitrant as he is as a son, Chonny steps up to ensure his family don't get into too much strife, destroy their new home or risk the security of Australia.

Web series
Sky Machine
Producer Fiona McConaghy
Associate Producer Nathan Spencer
Writer Tim Logan
Director Shaun Wilson
Synopsis Three film-noir archetypes – a detective, a femme-fatale, and a Russian thug – live in a share house together in modern Australian suburbia. They've got enemies lining up outside, like a crazed Pentecostal church leader and a manipulative town matriarch. But that's nothing compared to what's happening at home – this is a share house of flying bullets, steamy looks and split bills.

TV series
Sticky Pictures Pty Ltd
Producer Donna Andrews
Writers Sammy McMillan, Heath McIvor
Broadcaster ABC2 and iView
Synopsis Loyal, eccentric and prone to bursting into song at any given moment, socially inept, incompetent lawyer Sammy J  and still pining divorcee Randy make unlikely best friends. Their cavalier approach to life sees them shunned by their neighbours and despised by their colleagues so all they have is eac other. But when Randy's need to win back his ex-wife clashes with Sammy's push to finally win a case their friendship will be severely tested. Their can't-live-with/can't-live-without each other relationship will be forced to go one way or the other. Based on the award-winning live show by Sammy J and Randy.

TV series, multi-platform
Soul Mates TV Pty Ltd
Producers/Writers/Directors Connor Van Vuuren, Christiaan Van Vuuren, Nick Boshier, Chloe Rickard
Broadcaster ABC2
Synopsis Soul Mates is a toxic bromance that follows the story of a couple of buddies who are continually drawn together across the course of human history, past and future. In the beginning of time these two mates are experiencing all of life’s firsts as a couple of cavemen. In 1979 they’re two New Zealanders killing it as Kiwi assassins. By 2013 they’re a pair of fashion-obsessed Bondi hipsters, and in the year 2145 they are tackling time travel conundrums, working nine to five in a time travel agency.

TV series
Matchbox Productions Pty Ltd
Producer Katherine Slattery
Executive Producer Debbie Lee
Writer Lally Katz
Director Erin White
Broadcaster ABC and iView
Synopsis Based on the stage play of the same name, playwright Lally Katz bares her soul in this part-confessional, part-stand-up routine, part-travel documentary and part-romance story. A disarmingly honest journey through one woman’s life, Stories I Want to Tell You in Person has psychics, cowboys, curses, karaoke, crazy next-door neighbours, Jewish boyfriends, bears, dolphins, magic and love. A surprising and heart-warming story of someone trying to have it all, Stories I Want to Tell You in Person allows us a brief peek inside Lally Katz's magical world.

Multiplatform animated comedy drama series
Sense & Centsability Pty Ltd
Producer Leanne Tonkes
Executive Producer Andrew Wareham
Writer/Director Steve Baker
Synopsis From award-winning filmmaker Steve Baker, the series follows the wondrous adventures of Desmondo Ray, a peculiar man-child who seeks true love in a world he has difficulty fitting into. Based on the short film The Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray which was official selection for SxSW 2014 and is an opening night film at St Kilda Film Festival 2014.

Online series, broadcast hour, graphic novel, interactive website
Madman Production Company & Epic Films
Producers Nick Batzias, Kirsty Stark
Writers Victoria Cocks, Mike Jones, Matt Vesely
Director Victoria Cocks
Broadcaster ABC2, ABC iView
Synopsis Held responsible for the violent death of a young girl, Isaac is banished from the safety of the Tribe of Legion, along with his mother Hannah and brother Arcayus. Realising they cannot survive in the desperate and savage world of the Wasteland, a guilt-ridden Isaac seeks to reinstate the family to Legion – by seeking a replacement for the child whose life was lost. This new TV/online series and graphic novel extension have been developed from the existing Wastelander Panda project, which can be viewed at wastelanderpanda.com

Web series
Major International Pictures
Producer Jessica Beirne
Writers/Performers Jason Marion, Nick Maxwell
Directors Colin Cairnes, Cameron Cairnes
Synopsis WHAM is an entertaining, multi-platform YouTube comedy series about the marketing misadventures of two deluded ‘ideas’ men, Warren and Hal. While some may describe the brothers’ approach to marketing as “completely offensive”, they remain alarmingly confident about their views on how to sell a product. As self-proclaimed pioneers of new media, their enthusiasm for innovation and technology is matched only by their utter misuse of it.

Digital Extensions

Feature film
KM3T Pty Ltd
Laurence Malkin, Daniel Findlay
Multiplatform producers Joel Beath, Keith Walsh
Director Kriv Stenders
Writer James McFarland
Synopsis A multiplatform extension of the film noir thriller Kill Me Three Times; it is primarily a faux marketing campaign for the fictional hit man company featured in the film, and an interactive prequel building an engaging narrative leading to the opening scenes of the film.

Feature film
Warp Fims Australia Pty Ltd
Producers Sarah Shaw, Anna McLeish
Multiplatform producer Rita Walsh
Director Edward Housden
Synopsis A multiplatform extension of the art house drama PARTISAN: it is primarily a 'slice of life' window into the mysterious compound using vignette video and imagery to create 'earned media', web buzz and recognition for the film in the month leading up to the release.

Feature film
Predestination Holdings Pty Ltd
Tim McGahan
Multiplatform producer Guy Gadney
Directors Peter Spierig, Michael Spierig
Synopsis A multiplatform extension of the sci-fi thriller feature film Predestination: It is primarily an interactive online experience that plays out across social networks, generating a future social media footprint for users who have to solve fictional issues in their present in order to influence their future.

Feature film
WC2 Pty Ltd
Greg MacLean
Multiplatform producer Dave Christison
Synopsis A digital extension of the serial killer thriller WOLF CREEK 2: it is a walk-through installation (based in Melbourne), a social media strategy to extend the experience of the installation on to social networks, and a ‘viral’ online video of people experiencing the installation.

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