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Funding Approval
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2013-2014 Production funding

General TV Drama Production  |  Children's TV Drama Production

General TV Drama Production

Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder
Executive Producers Nick Murray, Jo Rooney, Andy Ryan
Producers Claudia Karvan, Michael Cordell, Paul Bennett
Writers Paul Bennett, Katherine Thomson
Broadcaster Nine Network
International Sales Cordell Jigsaw Distribution
Synopsis A sweeping saga of empires rising and falling as the world’s richest woman, Gina Rinehart, fights to maintain and expand the mining dynasty left to her by her father, whilst her children sue her for their share of the multi-billion dollar inheritance.

Matchbox Pictures Pty Ltd

Producers Ewan Burnett, Louise Fox
Executive Producer Tony Ayres
Director TBA
Writers Louise Fox, Kris Mrksa, Giula Sandler
Broadcaster ABC Television
International Sales NBC Universal
Synopsis The sleepy town of Yoorana is jolted awake one night when six officially dead people suddenly return. How did this happen? And why Yoorana of all places? For local cop James Hayes it is a professional nightmare and a personal crisis when he recognises one of these six as his recently deceased wife, Kate.

Playmaker Media Pty Ltd
Producers David Taylor, David Maher, Matt Ford
Writer Matt Ford
Broadcaster ABC Television
Domestic Sales Universal Pictures (Australasia)
International Sales ITV Global Entertainment
Synopsis A Gold Coast criminal enters witness protection, along with his dysfunctional family. He suddenly finds himself in a strange city, with a new name, a new house and a new job – in a university psychology department.

Porchlight Films & Sweet Potato Films
Executive Producer Penny Win
Producer Vincent Sheehan
Writer Victoria Madden
Broadcaster Foxtel
Domestic Sales Jetty Distribution
International Sales BBC Worldwide
Synopsis When two girls mysteriously disappear in identical circumstances in the wilds of Tasmania 15 years apart, Doctor Anna Macy finds herself inexplicably linked to both cases. To clear her name, Anna must delve into her troubled past and face some truths about herself and the otherworldly nature of this gothic land.

Pop Machine Pty Ltd, Moll Doll Production Pty Ltd, M4 Entertainment
David Taylor, David Maher, Matt Ford
Executive Producers Michael Gudinski, Mark Morrissey
Writers Matt Cameron, Liz Foran
Broadcaster Seven Network
Synopsis At a time when Australia was finding her voice, Molly helped us find the music.

Essential Media & Entertainment Pty Ltd, The Principal Series Holdings Pty Ltd
Ian Collie
Director Kriv Stenders
Writers Kristen Dunphy, Alice Addison
Broadcaster SBS
International Sales DCD Rights
Synopsis The Principal is a gritty, adult drama that revolves around a high school in Sydney’s tough south-west where life’s lessons are more often handed down on the street than in the classroom.

Matchbox Productions Pty Ltd, Secret City Productions Pty Ltd
Joanna Werner
Executive Producer Penny Chapman
Writers Belinda Chayko, Matt Cameron, Marieke Hardy, Alice Addison, Tommy Murphy
Broadcaster Foxtel
International Sales Universal Media Studios International Ltd
Synopsis Amidst rising tension between China and America, senior political journalist Harriet Dunkley pursues a long buried and explosive secret, leading to assassination attempts, suicide, and murder. Beneath the placid facade of Canberra, she uncovers a Secret City of high-level Australians corrupted by the competing super-powers.

Ruby Entertainment
Producer Stephen Luby
Writers Jan Sardi, Mac Gudgeon
Director Daina Reid
Broadcaster ABC Television
Domestic Sales ABC Commercial
International Sales ABC Commercial
Synopsis In 1810, emancipated English convict William Thornhill stakes a claim on 100 acres of land on the remote Hawkesbury River in New South Wales, only to find that a clan of Aboriginal people also lay claim to the land, as they have done since time immemorial.

Children's TV Drama Production

Media World Pictures Pty Ltd
Colin South
Director Scott Vanden Bosch
Writers Doug Macleod, Phillip Dalkin
Broadcaster Nine Network
International Sales DARO Film Distribution
Synopsis In space, no-one can hear you open your presents.

Galaxy Pop
Dina McPherson, Gian Christian
Executive Producer Gian Christian
Writers Ray Boseley, Brendan Luno, Dina McPherson
Broadcaster Network Ten
International Sales Moonscoop
Synopsis Get Ace follows the comedic adventures of Ace McDougal, a typical 12 year old school boy who is catapulted into one thrilling adventure after another when he is fitted with some super cool, high-tech spy braces.

Chocolate Liberation Front Pty Ltd (co-production by Ambience Entertainment, an Omnilab company)
Producers Frank Verheggen, Daniel Fill, Michael Boughen, Luke Jurevicius
Executive Producers Matthew Street, Christopher Mapp
Director Luke Jurevicius
Writer Mark Shirrefs, various
Broadcaster ABC3
International Sales ABC Commercial
Synopsis Figaro Pho has had enough of being fearful. His fears are preventing him from enjoying a fulfilling life. He has decided, once and for all, to face them and head out into the world and live! With his trusty companion Rivet by his side, surely he will succeed. But Figaro Pho’s new adventures are wilder, more surreal and more hilarious than you could ever have imagined.

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