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Draft Statement of Intent 2008/09

Comments received Friday 26 September

9.42am from Alex Bell

Worth considering:



Comments received via Word document



1.57pm from The Picture Tank (Dee McLachlan and Andrea Buck).

Comments submitted via Word document

7.59pm from Graeme Bond

Congratulations to the Picture Tank input. I endorse their comments fully. As a book publisher now script writer I have seen the benefit of cross-media arts and the point made by Picture Tank 'Filmmakers are generally not focused on or engaging with (their) audiences' is worth more comment.

One solution I have found successful is publishing a script as a novella and/or novella plus script sample, and selling direct to the public. It works. With a script as big as Ben-Hur I soon realized it would never happen in Western Australia so I released it as a novella/script sample to test the public response.

I wish to suggest this is great way to mount expectation and create awareness of a story and should be considered more by other scriptwriters, when one considers 80% of Oscar Winning films have been adapted from novels or novellas.

I suggest Screen Australia might care to release a range of short novels adapted from screenwriters each year with a public vote card in the back and allow the public to make a 'peoples' choice' on which stories should be made into a fully backed feature no holes bared.

This is democracy.

If the novellas are sold as cost and read by 200,000 Australians, a ready audience is captive before filming gets underway.

Food for thought.

Graeme Bond
Birdsong Press