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L'Atelier – Cannes

Cannes, France

14 May 2019
25 May 2019


In 2005, the festival gave the Cinéfondation the task of organising L'Atelier, a new step in its action to promote the creation of new works.

Each year, L'Atelier selects about 15 feature-length projects from around the world, and invites their directors to the Festival de Cannes in order to put them in contact with film professionals. The filmmakers are selected according to the quality of their project and that of their previous films, as well as on the state of progress of their finance plan. The program will enable them to gain access to international financing and speed up the production process.

There is no call for applications per se and therefore no application form. The selection of the Atelier is carried out by the Cinéfondation which canvasses, all year round, the festival's numerous international correspondents.

The selection of the Atelier is open to all countries and projects respecting the international mission of the Festival de Cannes. It takes place in three stages:

Examination of projects

The projects must respond to the following criteria:

  • The director must have already made one or several films (short, medium-length or feature).
  • The script of the project must be completed.
  • The project must have a producer and initial financing.
  • The date of shoot must be stipulated.

Pre-selection of projects

At this stage, the producer and director must supply at the request of the Atelier:

  • the script in French or English
  • the film(s) already made (short, medium-length or feature)
  • the director's filmography
  • the producer's CV
  • the projected budget
  • the financial plan, specifying all already acquired financing.

Selection of projects

The decision shall take into account the artistic quality of the project, the works already made, and the producer's commitment to the project's making.

In order to help the selected filmmakers, L'Atelier undertakes to:

  • publish a Livre des Projets (Project Brochure) to promote the film projects and present the directors and their producers to film professionals and the media
  • organise appointments with producers, distributors and grant distribution managers in the L'Atelier pavilion, situated in the Village international-Pantiero, in order to meet any shortfall with other already agreed financing. The filmmakers' previous films and screenplays will be made available for consultation.
  • associate the selected filmmakers with the daily life of the festival by providing them with access to the program of daily festival screenings, meetings and events.
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