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Review of programs and operations
Draft Program Guidelines 2008/09
Industry comments

Index of comments received

ACT Filmmakers' Network Friday 14 November
Albeck, Rebecca Thursday 13 November
Allanson, Debra Friday 7 November
Alston, Louise Friday 14 November
Anderson, Nathan Monday 10 November
Andersen, Paul Thursday 30 October
Animators (prepared by Lucinda Clutterbuck, Piccolo films) Friday 14 November
Arthur, Britt Wednesday 12 November
artsACT Friday 14 November
Atcliff, Jeremy Wednesday 29 October
Australasian Natural History Unit Friday 14 November
Australian Children's Television Foundation Friday 14 November
Australian Cinematographers Society (as part of comments from "The Guilds") Friday 14 November
Australian Directors Guild (ADG) Friday 14 November
Australian Guild of Screen Composers (as part of comments from "The Guilds") Friday 14 November
Australian Screen Editors (as part of comments from "The Guilds") Friday 14 November
Australian Screen Sound Guild (as part of comments from "The Guilds") Friday 14 November
Australian Writers' Guild (AWG) Friday 14 November
Barker, Phil Thursday 6 November
Bishop, Desmond Monday 27 October
Bond, Graeme Saturday 8 November
Bond, Graeme (2) Thursday 13 November
Bourchier, Michael Tuesday 4 November
Boyle, Stephen Friday 14 November
Bradley, Richard Tuesday 11 November
Branagan, Liam Friday 14 November
Britton, Simon Monday 10 November
Brown, Ian Tuesday 28 October
Burgess, Kasimir Thursday 13 November
Burke, Liz Friday 14 November
Byrne, Jason Wednesday 12 November
Cameron, Sandy Friday 7 November
Carrera, Pablo Saturday 8 November
Chessell, Ben Monday 10 November
Clutterbuck, Lucinda Friday 14 November
Coombs, Melanie Tuesday 28 October
Crawford, Glen Monday 10 November
Creece, Aaran Friday 14 November
Dean, Tim Thursday 13 November
Dethridge, Dr Lisa Wednesday 12 November
Douglas-Henry, Jessica Wednesday 29 October
Dunlop, Ian Monday 10 November
Eadie, Joolee Monday 10 November
Emerging Doco-makers Network of Australia (EDNA) Friday 14 November
English, Evan Wednesday 12 November
Fernandez, Delores Thursday 13 November
Feneley, Dustin Friday 14 November
Fielder, Angie (on behalf of members of the Australian film industry) Monday 10 November
Fielder, Angie (on behalf of additional members of the Australian film industry) Friday 14 November
Flanagan, Emma Wednesday 12 November
Flanagan, Mel Friday 14 November
Flickerfest Friday 14 November
Free TV Australia Friday 14 November
French, Dr Lisa Friday 7 November
Gall, Graham Friday 14 November
Goalpost Pictures Friday 14 November
Grabovsky, Igor Thursday 13 November
Graham, Rhys Friday 14 November
Groom, Wayne Monday 10 November
Hewson, Susan Tuesday 4 November
Hoodlum Friday 14 November
Howden, Dr Ross Friday 14 November
Hunter, Mary Wednesday 12 November
Independent Producers' Association (IPI) Friday 14 November
Ingham, Ruth Wednesday 12 November
Johnson, Carolyn Tuesday 11 November
King, David Wednesday 12 November
Lee, Jon-Claire Friday 7 November
Lowenstein, Richard Monday 3 November
Lucas, Anthony Friday 14 November
Lumsden, Ian Wednesday 5 November
Maccagnan, Steve Friday 31 October
Marciniak, Catherine Friday 14 November
McRae, Donna Tuesday 11 November
Mathew, Rowena Thursday 13 November
Media Access Australia Tuesday 11 November
Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) Friday 14 November
Mohr, Rowena Wednesday 12 November
Nerlich, David Friday 14 November
Nikolakopoulos, John Friday 14 November
Olstein, Justin Thursday 13 November
Palmer, Tamra Monday 3 November
Parkyn, Stuart Thursday 6 November
Parsons, Deborah Tuesday 4 November
Phillips, Andrew J Thursday 13 November
Porchlight Films (Anita Sheehan) Friday 14 November
Premium Movie Partnership (PMP) Friday 14 November
Ricketson, James Wednesday 12 November
Rusanow, David Friday 14 November
SBS Friday 14 November
Schelle, Matthew J Monday 10 November
Scherl, Oscar Friday 7 November
Screen Development Australia Thursday 13 November
Screen Services Association of Victoria Friday 14 November
Sherman, Emile Thursday 6 November
Shields, Frank Friday 14 November
Shiff, Jonathan M Friday 7 November
Smith, Louise Friday 14 November
Speldewinde, Melanie and Andre Wednesday 12 November
Spence, Eve Monday 27 October
Stephenson, Robert Tuesday 11 November
St Kilda Film Festival Wednesday 12 November
Sydney Film Festival Friday 14 November
Tintner, Chryssy Wednesday 29 October
Traucki, Andrew Monday 27 October
Tuckfield, Chris Thursday 13 November
Turner, Julie Wednesday 12 November
Viska, Peter Friday 14 November
Vogel, Tom Wednesday 12 November
Wallace, Stephen Friday 14 November
Walsh, Brendan - ScreenACT Thursday 13 November
Wegner, Ari Wednesday 12 November
Weinstein, Marc Thursday 13 November
West, Marcus Monday 10 November
Whitmore, Lee Friday 14 November
Wilcox, Mike Wednesday 12 November
Wilson, Andy Friday 7 November
Women in Film and Television NSW Friday 14 November
Woodland, Greg Tuesday 11 November