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Review of programs and guidelines
Draft Program Guidelines
Industry comments

Comments received Friday 7 November

From Debra Allanson

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From Sandy Cameron

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From Dr Lisa French

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From Jon-Claire Lee

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From Oscar Scherl
Congratulations on the structure of the Guidelines for the future of Screen Australia's operations. I only hope that there will not be many changes.

The many screams coming from the 'new' (short film and no film) practitioners will hopefully be ignored. To quote a comment, "the international achievements of many Australian shorts in recent years has been a sign of a healthy film culture", HARDLY! In fact, the Guidelines provide a real opportunity, for those that are still around, to enter into long form productions.
Although I don't entirely blame them for wanting to become producers etc. overnight, but the jump from short film to long form productions is a very big one. SPAA is also to blame, for not having an accreditation (apprentice) system (along the lines of the ACS), or many other professions. To be a producer is after all a very complex and creative profession.

My only comment, the SA finance will not cover full production costs, how will the finance coming from other than SA sources be treated ? Will SA structure be flexible enough to contractually accommodate such finance, on equal terms, or even take a subordinate position?

Oscar Scherl
Producer / Executive Producer

From Jonathan M. Shiff

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From Andy Wilson

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