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Review of programs and guidelines
Draft Program Guidelines
Industry comments

Comments received Monday 10 November

From Nathan Anderson

Comments submitted via PDF document

From Simon Britton


I attended the Melbourne industry consultation, hoping to hear SA's ideas for providing marketing assistance for projects. The chairperson made it clear from the outset that this item was off the agenda, pending Ruth's arrival and input. Pending this, I would like to strongly encourage SA to take a serious look at assistance for the online marketing of projects. With a very few notable exceptions, most Australian projects haven't harnessed the potential for social media based marketing strategies. Most film websites and static online brochures. destinations, not conversations. Viral campaigns are virtually non-existent.

Producers need help and money to create effective web based campaigns to supplement, or in come cases substitute for, traditional media campaigns. I think it would be very useful to create a consultative group to come up with some clear program ideas to guide producers in making online marketing a cost-effective tool for selling the film and ancillary products. I am working with a few producers in this space and I would be happy to provide SA with some concrete program ideas for making social media
work for our films.

Best wishes

Simon Britton
Content strategist
MediaWave Pty Ltd

From Ben Chessell

Comments available via PDF document

From Glen Crawford

Comments available via PDF document

From Ian Dunlop

In the Draft Program Guidelines there is no mention of any policy regarding what was Film Australia's library or archival holdings; nor is there any mention of whether invitations to comment on this will come at a later date. I therefore repeat part of what I said in my comments on the draft SOI:

What does concern me is that there appears to be no mention of what will become of FA's vast and incredibly valuable library and archival holdings stretching back well over half a century. This is surely one of the most valuable archival resources in the country. Will the management of this be left to bureaucrats or will there be some vital continuity of management by existing professional staff?

Ian Dunlop

From Joolee Eadie

Comments available via PDF document

From Angie Fielder, on behalf of members of the Australian film industry

To Whom It May Concern at Screen Australia:
Please find attached a formal statement of response to the draft guidelines published by Screen Australia on the 27th October 2008, put forward by members of the Australian film industry whose names appear on the final page of the document. Copies of this statement have been sent to the Federal Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, the Hon Peter Garrett AM, MP, the Screen Australia Board of Directors, CEO Dr Ruth Harley and the Executive Directors. This statement will also be circulated amongst the film industry.

This is a time of important change for the Australian film industry, and it is essential that Screen Australia’s new guidelines are representative of a diverse and innovative industry. We trust that our submission will be given your full consideration.

Download PDF document

Kind regards,
(submitted by Angie Fielder on behalf of those listed in the statement)

From Wayne Groom

Comments submitted via PDF document

From Matthew J Schelle

Comments available via PDF document

From Marcus West

Inscription is most pleased to read the section "Workshops: Screen Australia in partnership with state agencies (and other entities)." We believe the continued and enriched provision of cutting edge training for Australian film-makers, in particular screenwriters is a wonderful way to ensure the quality of our stories is strong. Writing can often be a solitary process so to assist in training these key contributers to our stories through the provision of world class training and development opportunities is critical to the well-being of the industry.

Marcus West