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Review of programs and guidelines
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Industry comments

Comments received Saturday 8 November

From Graeme Bond

Solution No.44 to the Australian filmmaking funding circus (you will have read others in earlier correspondence).

Here's a hypothetical case: I need $20 million to privately finance my next film. The money is not there. So I go to the big union leaders with a pitch. Rank and file workers across the country get to read about the proposed film in their next newsletter - an adaptation from a popular novella. 500,000 members of the union privately decide they would like to see it made. They contact the union office, an automatic debit of $5 per week per pay is set in place as pre-bought tickets to see the movie until the $20 million is raised.

In a few months 500,000 people plus family have already paid to see the movie - and it hasn't even been made. When I get the $20 million in the bank, cameras roll. Meanwhile, the uninitiated can read the story in the original novella to convince themselves the money will be well spent. No middle-man. People power. Power to the people.

Problem solved.

Graeme Bond
Birdsong Press

From Pablo Carrera

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