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Draft Program Guidelines

Comments received Tuesday 4 November

From Michael Bourchier

There has always seemed to be little logic in the idea that P programs were not included in FFC funding and it would be good to see this changed now that the agency has matured.

The lack of funding for P programming means that it is virtually impossible to do any high quality programming for younger kids. As the Producer of the very popular series, The Upside Down Show, I know that it would have been impossible to make this had it not been substantially funded by broadcasters from other countries. As this was a show that featured the iconic comedians, The Umbilical Brothers, and was produced entirely in Australia, it is wrong that we are not able to make this kind of show on our own and therefore own little of the copyright.

Please consider.

Michael Bourchier
Blink Films Pty Ltd

From Susan Hewson

I am a white filmmaker working in Halls Creek with a white high school teacher, an indigenus Elder and more than 50 indigenus musicians from around the Kimberly region. To this date we have been able to document many hours of live/edited and studio recordings.

Our facility (our home) and its casual setting have enabled us to establish a safe and trusted 'hub' to which musicians are drawn. Recorded material is immediatly edited, formed into a dvd, then reproduced and distributed straight back into the community.

After another weekend of solid recording, we have become well aware that we are all changing, and that music is 'Healing'.

The need and interest is growing in an exponential way, and perhaps we should be cautious of ignoring projects that see white and indigenus Australians working in harmony.

Projects should be considered for their product rather than their racial components. We can hardly put down our tools of trade to apply for funding; but we, as black and white united, need it.

Here is a web address we have created: http://balgoband.fuzz.com/

thank you
Susan Hewson
White Rock Audio Visual Recordings

From Deborah Parsons

I have just read Richard Lowenstein’s elegantly and cogently argued response to Screen Australia’s new proposed guidelines. I wish to endorse every single word he has written. I’d endorse his punctuation too if I thought it would help.

A great man once said maintain your rage and enthusiasm. Lately enthusiasm has been in short supply. Rage however abounds.

Deborah Parsons