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Review of programs and operations
Draft Statement of Intent 2008/09
industry comments

Comments received Friday 26 September

9.42am from Alex Bell




Comments received via Word document

1.57pm from The Picture Tank (Dee McLachlan and Andrea Buck).

Comments submitted via Word document

7.59pm from Graeme Bond

Congratulations to the Picture Tank input. I endorse their comments fully. As a book publisher now script writer I have seen the benefit of cross-media arts and the point made by Picture Tank 'Filmmakers are generally not focused on or engaging with (their) audiences' is worth more comment.

One solution I have found successful is publishing a script as a novella and/or novella plus script sample, and selling direct to the public. It works. With a script as big as Ben-Hur I soon realized it would never happen in Western Australia so I released it as a novella/script sample to test the public response.

I wish to suggest this is great way to mount expectation and create awareness of a story and should be considered more by other scriptwriters, when one considers 80% of Oscar Winning films have been adapted from novels or novellas.

I suggest Screen Australia might care to release a range of short novels adapted from screenwriters each year with a public vote card in the back and allow the public to make a 'peoples' choice' on which stories should be made into a fully backed feature no holes bared.

This is democracy.

If the novellas are sold as cost and read by 200,000 Australians, a ready audience is captive before filming gets underway.

Food for thought.

Graeme Bond
Birdsong Press