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Review of programs and operations
Draft Statement of Intent 2008/09
industry comments

Comments received Thursday 18 September

3.03pm from Robert F Ward

Cinemas are a major part of the method of viewing films weather they be locally made or imported from the film capitals of the world

Cinemas in many of the smaller regional centres are the focus in the Town for social gathering and their contact with the world of filmmaking and entertainment

Cinemas are now available also to view such wonderfull programs as the Metropolitan Opera and the Royal Ballet

There is a major threat to the smaller regional  cinema on the horizon with the changeover by the cinema Industry in Hollywood to Digital Cinema

My concern is that a large number of Country and some metropolitan locations will not be able to afford this changeover of technology and will cease to operate leaving many places with no access to a cinema.

This may be an area where Screen Australia can via the Government can assist financially with the Digital Funding as has been the Case in the UK and some other countries.

Robert F Ward