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Review of programs and operations
Stage 2 Review
Industry comments

Comments received Wednesday 4 February

From Louise Alston

I have had excellent experience with the AFC support and facilities at Mipcom and at the Cannes Film Fest.

I find networking events very useful. They are important for building relationships, especially across generations.

Also fantastic was the indivision marketing workshop. I have developed lasting international relationships from this.

However, when it came to taking my AFC funded feature film to market, I found my best support by seeking out advice from people outside the AFC.

As producer/ director, I did a lot of marketing work for our film. It would have been great to have access to support for this. Opportunities to apply for funding for help in promoting the film in collaboration with our distributor would have really helped. EG getting a trailer blown up to 35mm.

How about this for a idea? It would be useful to have a marketing office available to filmmakers with full time pr professionals who can help put together an online presence, press releases, one sheets, film festival packages etc? Graphic design, website design/ hosting and printing at a discount rate would really help too. This could help our exhibitors feel that Australian films get marketing support.

How about a Screen Australia website where viewers can download Australian films at a reasonable price and trailers for free?

Many thanks,

Louise Alston

From Judith McCann

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