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Simon Dodd

SIMON DODD is a screen writer and recipient of ten AWGIES as part of the writing team behind ‘Good News Week’ and ‘The Glass House’. He has helped make humorous heavyweights including Andrew Denton, Doug Mulray, Paul McDermott, Wil Anderson and Amanda Keller appear funnier than they would have otherwise. Simon is the author of the novel ‘Death by Muttonbird’, and the stage-play ‘Plaything’, and has written numerous features newspapers and magazines. Simon co-wrote the original animation screenplay ‘The Last Dodo’, and has written for TV animation series including ‘Alien TV’, ‘The Flamin’ Thongs’, ‘Spongo, Fuzz and Jalapeña’ and ‘Kangaroo Beach’.

Website: https://www.simondodd.com.au/

Last updated: 10 Oct 2022

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