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The Screen Guide

A KID CALLED TROY is the sequel to the award-winning documentary SUZI'S STORY. It puts AIDS in a perspective seldom acknowledged by the general public. Seen through a child's eyes, the disease is placed firmly in a heterosexual family situation. The film presents a challenging insight into the changing face of AIDS in Australia. It looks at community attitudes which have seen Troy rejected and finally accepted into the mainstream education system, the first enrolment of an HIV-positive child in Australia. It shows the benefits of awareness and tolerance, not only to the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS, but to the community at large.

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Terry Carlyon
Robyn Miller
Terry Carlyon  Michael J Rivette
Executive Producers
Michael J Rivette


Vince Lovegrove (narrator)

Production Details

Production Completion
History and national identity, Science
Production Company
Carlyon Rivette Pictures

Selected Awards & Festivals

  • Golden Gate Awards - San Francisco Film Society
  • Columbus International Film & Video Festival
  • CINE Film Festival
  • Australian Cinematographers Society Awards National
  • American National Cable Ace Awards