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Norfolk Island is 5 miles long by 3 miles wide; or, as some would say of this close-knit community, 5 minutes long and 3 minutes wide when it comes to gossip. As one of Australia’s remote external territories, and with a local population descended from the legendary Bounty mutineers, it’s no surprise they have their own way of doing things. With their own language, a blend of old seafaring English and Tahitian, and a hidden culture, many don’t see themselves as Australian – that it says so on their passport is merely ‘a technicality’. But recent hard times have forced the island to reach out to Australia for help, and with mainland help comes mainland rules. A modern day mutiny is brewing offshore.

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Cast & Crew & Production Details

Martin Taylor
Janine Hosking
Seema Khanna
Executive Producers
Jennifer Cummins
Janine Hosking  Martin Taylor
No cast details
History and national identity, Social contemporary
Production Company
Heiress Films Pty Ltd
Australian Sales
SBS International

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