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Jonah is tasked with what should be a routine investigation of a death on-board a ship that is docking with his space station. Jonah soon learns that the ship is actually a people-smuggling vessel, and that a strategic attack is being mounted on the space station. Jonah must overcome generations-old intergalactic prejudices in order to save those he can and warn humanity of the impending threat.


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Cast & Crew & Production Details

Mark Coles Smith - Dan Mor
Production Completion Date
Sci-Fi, Thriller
Production Company
Distracted Media
International Sales
Cable/Sat release
2016/04/16 (Australia)

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Airlock launches online

Airlock may be set in a claustrophobic space station, but producer Enzo Tedeschi knows how to breathe fresh air into the sometimes stale atmosphere of film marketing.

01 Jul 2015
By Caroline Baum
Crime caper with a game changing campaign: Kill Me Three Times