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The Screen Guide

This medical drama focuses on the working and personal lives of the doctors and nurses working on the front line of a busy inner city Emergency Department at All Saints Hospital.

Production Details

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No crew details
Various  Richard Jasek  Richard Sarell  Robert Klenner  Catherine Roden  Peter Fisk  Geoff Bennett  Geoffrey Nottage  Andrew Prowse  Cameron Welsh  Catherine Millar  Nicholas Bufalo  Tony Krawitz  Lynn Hegarty  Jessica Hobbs  Ian Watson  Kay Pavlou  Cherie Nowlan  Andrew Bowden  Ian Gilmour  Jet Wilkinson  Samantha Lang  Marcus Cole  Daniel Nettheim  Lynn-Maree Danzey  Martin Sacks  Pino Amenta  Daina Reid  Jean-Pierre Mignon  Peter Phelps  Aarne Neeme  Kate Woods  Carla Drago  Bill Hughes  Robert Marchand  Shawn Seet  Tony Tilse  Scott Hartford-Davis  Rob Stewart  David Caesar  Peter Sharp  Geoff Cawthorn  Karl Zwicky  Grant Brown  Julian Pringle  Scott Patterson  Mark Piper  Kevin Carlin  Nicky Marshall  Chris Martin-Jones  Scott Feeney  Di Drew
Various  Margaret Wilson  Peter Dick  Jeffrey Truman  Trent Roberts  Sean Nash  Trent Atkinson  Christine McCourt  Clare Atkins  Martin McKenna  Kim Wilson  Louise Crane-Bowes  Kevin Roberts  Blake Ayshford  Peter Gawler  Michael Miller  Lily Taylor  Sarah Lambert  Julie Edwards  Shelley Birse  Toby Wallace  Elizabeth Coleman  Bridie O’Neill  Faith McKinnon  Chris Roache  Tim Gooding  Katherine Thomson  Harry West  John Hugginson  Kelly Lefever  Andrew Kelly  Lesley Lewis  Susan Hore  Catherine Millar  Sam Meikle  Sally Webb  Chris Corbett  Loraine Rogers  Suzanne Hawley  Alex Pope  Graham Richards  Tim Pye  Jenny Lewis  Rick Held  Phil Sanders  Philip Dalkin  Sarah Walker  Ted Roberts  Grant Fraser  Scott Feeney  Charlie Strachan  Bill Garner  David Hannam  Christina Milligan  Denise Morgan  John Concannon  Edwina Searle  Hamish Wright  David Boutland  David Phillips  Anthony Ellis  Ro Hume  Peter Kinloch  Andrew Ryan  Fiona Kelly  Sarah Smith  Daniel Krige  Louise Crane  Cathryn Strickland  Shane Porteous  Annette Moore  Bevan Lee  Michaeley O'Brien  Kristen Dunphy  Alexa Wyatt  Grace Morris  John Banas  Chris Hawkshaw  Peter Neale  Serge Lazareff
Bill Hughes  Jo Porter  Di Drew  MaryAnne Carroll
Executive Producers
John Holmes
Dir. of Photography
Laurie Kirkwood  John Platt  Matthew Horrex
Neil Thumpston
No cast details
Production Completion
Production Company
Seven Network Operations Limited

Selected Awards & Festivals

  • AWGIE Awards
  • Australian Directors Guild
  • Australian Cinematographers Society NSW
  • Australian Cinematographers Society NSW
  • Australian Screen Sound Guild
  • Australian Screen Sound Guild
  • TV Week
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  • TV Week
  • Australian Screen Sound Guild
  • Australian Film Institute
  • Australian Film Institute

Screen News

Jo Porter: selling Aussie TV overseas

In an increasingly crowded marketplace Picnic at Hanging Rock producer Jo Porter is looking for ideas that are bold enough to cut through.

26 Apr 2018
By Caris Bizzaca
Picnic at Hanging Rock: relaunching a classic