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The Screen Guide

Eight-year-old Louis wakes up to what he thinks is going to be just another normal school day, but something has changed. Gone are the motorised backpacks, electric stairs, self-dressing clothes and elevating floors that Louis relies on. In this film we discover what it's like to be a child with Achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism, and what it's like to navigate a world that isn't built for you. Portraying a realistic and un-sensationalised representation of a 'day in the life' of Louis – through his reflections – explores a present-day world where accessibility is still an issue.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Rocky & Me 2019
And Then Something Changed 2019
The Legend of Burnout Barry 2019
Keiran Watson-Bonnice
Keiran Watson-Bonnice  Hermione Merry  Eliza Hull
Eliza Hull
Executive Producers
Stu Connolly  Donna Andrews
Animation Director
Jilli Rose
Dir. of Photography
Matt Wood
Eliza Hull
Aleck Morton
Production Designer
Rennie Watson
Theo Watson-Bonnice - Greta Watson-Bonnice - Pete Bevin - Finn Noonan Seymour - Benji Sam Mazzone - Kate Stones
Production Completion
Drama, Family
Production Company
Sticky Pictures Pty Ltd