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Described by International Variety as a 'down under 'Fahrenheit 9/11'' , ANTHEM is a dramatic, intimate witness to people’s lives caught up in the transformation of the world in the 21st century. From the plight of asylum seekers in Australia, to the frontline of the War on Terror in Afghanistan, the US and Iraq, filmmakers Emmy Award-winning Tahir Cambis and Helen Newman take us on a three-year personal odyssey to chronicle the human rights struggles of our times. An epic journey of the heart and mind, ANTHEM is ultimately a provocative meditation on the nature of freedom.

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Tahir Cambis  Helen Newman
Tahir Cambis  Helen Newman
Ross Hutchens
Executive Producers
John Tatoulis  Colin South
No cast details
Production Completion
History and national identity
Production Company
Media World Pictures Pty Ltd
International Sales
Media World Pictures Pty Ltd

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