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The Screen Guide

Meet Carlos, entrepreneur and founder of APOCALYPSE EVENTS. His business takes corporate team-building to a whole new level by placing employees in realistic and traumatic situations like subjecting unsuspecting clients to hostage situations or making them defuse a real bomb. Carlos gets results! Sure he has to deal with the occasional disgruntled client suing for post-traumatic stress disorder, but he doesn’t mind, in fact he really seems to enjoy his job.

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Andrew Quaile  Paul Lee-Archer
Andrew Quaile  Paul Lee-Archer
Andrew Quaile
Dir. of Photography
Andrew Kennedy


John Xintavelonis - Ross Marsden - Tim Murfet - Bryan Coglan - Scott Hunter - Scott Hayes - Bryan Coglan - Kellie Beacham - Carmen Murphy - Richard Hawley - Georgie Rowe - Jon Fabian - Graeme Hodges - Henry Cornish - Paul Lee-Archer - Karen McMullen - Dean Johnson - Rachel Mendlik - Shelley Norton - Brodie Ollington - Glenn Patton - Daniel Sulzberger - Cheyne Mitchell - Daniel Blades - Marcus Bower - Tim Murfet - Andrew Quaile - Mick Davies - Guy Hooper - Jane Stoddart - Hannah-Lee Osborn - Daniel Sulzberger - Justan Wagner

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Production Completion
Production Company
Les Franco Films