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The Screen Guide

Australia Day. Three young people are on the run. April Tucker, a 13-year-old indigenous girl. Sami Ghaznavi, a 17-year-old Iranian boy and Sū Mai, a 19-year-old Chinese woman. Each is scared. Subtle connections will draw these three braids progressively tighter until they reach their climaxes on that hot, contentious, enigmatic day on the calendar… Australia Day. Every one of our characters will have to make a sacrifice and pay a heavy price. Bad mistakes are made…yet people will step up. They will make change happen. And we learn that we do have power to decide our tribe, our place, the colour of our future… Hope prevails.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Kriv Stenders
Stephen Irwin
Leigh McGrath  Nathan Mayfield  Edward Herbert
Executive Producers
Tracey Robertson  Nathan Mayfield  Deanne Weir  Penny Win
Dir. of Photography
Geoff Hall
Matteo Zingales
Nick Meyers
Production Designer
Matthew Puttland
Bryan Brown - Miah Madden - Elias Anton - Daniel Webber - Sean Keenan - Isabelle Cornish - Jenny Wu - Phoenix Raei - Shari Sebbens
Production Completion
Production Company
Hoodlum Entertainment and Hoodlum Active Pty Ltd
Australian Sales
Dark Matter Media Pty Ltd
International Sales
ZDF Studios GmbH

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