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The Screen Guide

BACK TO THE RAFTERS is a celebration of the smash hit drama series ‘Packed to the Rafters’. When an unexpected event brings Australia’s most popular TV family back together again, relationships are tested as we explore the “midlife crisis” they face in a world increasingly focused on self-realisation. Using the show’s foundation of warmth and humour, we’ll ask to what extent is what we’re conditioned to feel about family true, and how much is an increasingly irrelevant bill of goods we’re sold as we’re raised to be productive members of society? After sharing the raising of the children and conversely having been raised, what fair expectation can either side of the parent/child divide hold? Written by Bevan Lee, creator of ‘Packed to the Rafters’, BACK TO THE RAFTERS rediscovers the humanity and optimism of the original as it reunites these much loved characters to talk about the identity of family in these changing times.

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Rebecca Gibney - Erik Thomson - Hugh Sheridan - Angus McLaren - Michael Caton - Georgina Haig - George Houvardas

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Seven Studios Pty Limited