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Starring Ryan Corr and Anthony LaPaglia, BELOW is a pitch-black comedy with a uniquely provocative take on Australia’s asylum-seeker detention system. When darkweb con-artist Dougie lands in the bloody deep end of a scam gone wrong, his gruff stepdad, Terry, agrees to pay off his debts. In return, Dougie must take a job at the refugee detention centre where Terry works. Ever the grifter, Dougie discovers a way to make cash by live-streaming the underground fight club run by the centre’s morally bankrupt security staff. But when things inevitably go south, Dougie may be the only one willing to take a stand. Norwegian-born Iranian-Australian director Maziar Lahooti makes his feature debut with this devilishly dark comedy, adapted for the screen by Perth playwright Ian Wilding from his award-winning play of the same name. Joining Corr (Holding the Man) and LaPaglia (Balibo) in the ring are The Heights’ Phoenix Raei and The Kettering Incident’s Alison Whyte, as well as Morgana O’Reilly (Wentworth) and Zenia Star (The Merger). Below isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty as it tackles hard issues, resulting in a deliberately provocative dare of a film that’s bound to get audiences talking.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Maziar Lahooti
Ian Wilding
Veronica Gleeson  Nick Batzias  Kate Neylon  Virginia Whitwell
Executive Producers
Joan Peters  Paul Wiegard
Dir. of Photography
Michael McDermott
Ned Buckley
Ken Sallows ASE
Production Designer
Lawrie Cullen-Tait
Ryan Corr - Anthony LaPaglia - Phoenix Raei - Morgana O’Reilly - Alison Whyte - Robert Rabiah - Zenia Starr - Lauren Campbell
Production Completion
Comedy, Drama
Production Company
Good Thing Productions Company Pty Ltd
Australian Sales
Madman Entertainment Pty Ltd
International Sales
Seville International

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