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If yacht racing had been compared to 'standing in a cold shower tearing up $100 notes', there must be some invisible rewards that keep yachtsmen going to sea. In this film, director Michael Balson joins the crew of five Australian men, two Japanese women and a French man on a three week yacht race from Brisbane to Osaka. A story about human ingenuity and teamwork, as much as it is about a winning strategy. As they cross four different climatic zones, including the notorious doldrums, we see the team's changing moods, from the despair of total calm to the ecstasy of a 25 knot wind rush to the finishing line and victory. This film offers a fascinating insight into human behaviour, the nature of high seas, and the engineering of human effort and natural forces to produce a winning streak.

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Michael Balson
Richard Dennison
Executive Producers
Geoffrey Smith

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Orana Films Pty Ltd


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Orana Films Pty Ltd