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The Screen Guide

BLUE HEELERS is a crime series set in Mt Thomas, an Australian country town. The local police, led by Senior Sergeant Tom Croydon, solve crimes and deal with the emotional causes and effects of human behaviour.

Production Details

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No crew details
Various  Richard Frankland  Judith John-Story  Paul Moloney  Alister Smart  Denny Lawrence  Deborah Niski  Geoffrey Nottage  Daina Reid  Esben Storm  Kevin Carlin  Richard Jasek  Chris Martin-Jones  Karl Steinberg  Gary Conway  Chris Langman  Simon Phillips  Peter Sharp  Russell Burton  Julian McSwiney  Pino Amenta  Fiona Banks  Declan Eames  Steve Mann  Richard Sarell  Mark Callan  Aarne Neeme  Kath Hayden  Mark Piper  Raymond Quint  Roger Hodgman  Jeffrey Walker  Graham Thorburn  George Ogilvie  Chris Adshead  Grant Brown  Martin Sacks
Chris Corbett  Peter Dick  Peter Hepworth  Noel Maloney  Elizabeth Packett  Caroline Stanton  Anne Brooksbank  Tony Morphett  Annie Beach  Shane Brennan  Patrick Edgeworth  Beverly Evans  Peter Gawler  Emma Honey  David Phillips  Jennifer Rowe  Rex Styles  Michael Winter  David Worthington  Kathie Armstrong  John Banas  Judith Colquhoun  Paul M. Davies  Roger Dunn  Anthony Ellis  Bill Garner  Rick Held  Stephen Measday  Craig Wilkins  Matthew Williams  Cass Carter  David Marsh  Ysabelle Dean  David Allen  David Boutland  Ted Roberts  Leon Saunders  Michaeley O'Brien  Jenny Lewis  Alison Nisselle  Maureen Sherlock  Kath Haydn  Various  Susan Hore  Stuart Page  Kylie Needham  Samantha Winston
Riccardo Pellizzeri  John Hugginson  Robert Bruning  Peter Askew  David Clarke  Gus Howard
Executive Producers
Errol Sullivan  Hal McElroy  John Holmes  Des Monaghan
No cast details
Production Completion
Action adventure, Crime
Production Company
Southern Star Entertainment Pty Ltd

Screen News

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