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BREATH is a story about youthful recklessness and the lengths we will go, against our better judgment, to avoid feeling ordinary. Bruce “Pikelet” Pike is a boy growing up in Sawyer, a small, charmless coastal town. Together with his unlikely friend Loonie, the boys discover the adrenaline rush of surfing and fall under the spell of an enigmatic big-wave surfer named Sando, who takes the boys under his wing and challenges them to take on bigger risks and ride waves beyond their control. As the boys mature into adolescence, each discovers his own longings and limits, and the rift that develops between them threatens to push each toward self-destruction. Breath will star Simon Baker (The Mentalist, The Devil Wears Prada) as Sando, and will mark his feature directing debut.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Simon Baker
Gerard Lee  Tim Winton  Simon Baker
Mark Johnson  Jamie Hilton  Simon Baker
Executive Producers
Tom Williams  Johnny McDonald  Dave Hansen  Laura Rister
Dir. of Photography
Marden Dean
Harry Gregson-Williams
Dany Cooper
Production Designer
Steven Jones-Evans
Samson Coulter - Ben Spence - Simon Baker - Elizabeth Debicki - Richard Roxburgh - Rachael Blake
Production Completion
Production Company
Breath Productions Pty Limited
Australian Sales
Palace Films
International Sales
Embankment Films

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