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In a surprising twist to the legacy of the Stolen Generation, one descendant vows that before he dies he will re-bury his long-deceased uncle in ‘Country’ and fulfil a childhood promise he made to his father. Fifty years ago, Norm Brown’s Uncle Kitchener was buried in a pauper’s grave with no family present at his funeral. Now an ailing Norm is determined to change his family history. Through archive photos, family interviews, and set against the backdrop of lingering Queensland landscapes, we follow the journey of the exhumation and reburial. This is an intimate and profound story where past wrongs are righted, ancestral knowledge is passed down and decisions of one’s last resting place are made.

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Grania Kelly
Grania Kelly
Grania Kelly  Veronica Fury
Executive Producers
Hugh Marks
Dir. of Photography
Chris Peckham

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Production Completion
Production Company
Wild Fury Pty Ltd