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75 aliases, three continents, one woman. This is her story – all of them. Con Girl explores the many lies and lives of serial con woman Samantha Azzopardi. Russian gymnast Emily Sciberras tells her new friend that her entire family has been killed in a murder-suicide. A distressed teenager is found on the streets of Dublin, so traumatised she can’t speak. 14-year-old Aurora arrives at a clinic in Canada after escaping a terrifying kidnapper. What do these women have in common? They are all fake identities created by Samantha Azzopardi, who has deceived victims & authorities around the globe. Samantha doesn’t fit the usual profile of con artist. Her motives are a mystery. She doesn’t physically hurt anyone. She doesn’t want money. Yet the emotional toll on her victims is devastating. Con Girl is a psychological mystery that looks at the methods and motivations of a unique woman. And for the first time, Samantha’s victims speak about the trauma she ignited in her decades of deception.

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