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Once a week, 16-year-olds STEVIE, ANNA, MADDIE and LAUREN slip into wetsuits, strap on tanks and disappear beneath the crystal waters of Cape Mercy. Skilled divers, Dive Club have returned many valuables resigned to the ocean floor to their thankful owners. After a cyclone hits the cape, they realise Lauren is missing. When IZZIE and her father arrive ten days later, all hope for Lauren’s survival is lost. Izzie quickly forges a friendship with Dive Club, and together they make a discovery that raises questions about Lauren’s disappearance, spurring an investigation of their own. What Dive Club uncover will change their small town, and each other, forever.

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Miah Madden - Georgia May-Davis - Sana’a Shaik - Mercy Cornwall - Aubri Ibrag - Joshua Heuston - Alexander Grant - Joseph Spanti

Production Details

Production Completion
Action adventure, Family, Mystery
Production Company
The Steve Jaggi Company  Nicely Entertainment