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The Screen Guide

Hugh Knight is a rising star in the Sydney heart surgery ranks. Gifted, charming, infallible, and a hedonist, his ‘work hard, play harder’ philosophy is about to come back and bite him. Hard. Hauled before the Medical Board and banned from major surgery until he cleans his act up, Hugh returns to the family home in the country town of Whyhope to work under supervision at the local GP clinic. DOCTOR DOCTOR is a 10 part television comedy drama for the Nine Network to be produced by Essential Media & Entertainment.

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Cast & Crew & Production Details

Roger Corser - Nicole da Silva - Ryan Johnson - Hayley McElhinney - Shalom Brune-Franklin - Tina Bursill - Chloe Bayliss - Dave Eastgate - Steve Bisley - Charles Wu - Belinda Bromilow - Matt Castley
Comedy, Drama
Production Company
Essential Media and Entertainment
Australian Sales
Roadshow Entertainment
International Sales
Fremantle Media International Distribution