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After serving out his probation in rural Whyhope and saving the family farm, life is about to go totally, disastrously wrong for Hugh. And this time, his friends and family won't be making it any easier for him.

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This title is part of a series
Doctor Doctor

Series listing
Doctor Doctor series 1 2016
Doctor Doctor series 2 2017
Doctor Doctor series 3 2018
Doctor Doctor series 4 2018


Rodger Corser - Nicole da Silva - Ryan Johnson - Tina Bursill - Hayley McElhinney - Matt Castley - Chloe Bayliss - Charles Wu - Belinda Bromilow - Miranda apsell - Dustin Clare - Kate Jenkinson - Robyn Nevin

Production Details

Production Completion
Comedy, Drama
Production Company
Easy Tiger Productions Pty Ltd