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The Screen Guide

It is the year 2347. On the voyage from Old to New Earth, a freak accident causes Dogstar, a giant space ark containing all the world's dogs, to become lost to mankind. On New Earth, the evil Bob Santino gleefully mass produces robotic dogs for the canine-deprived humans. But the Clark kids, three members of your average 24th century family, miss their real dog Hobart. They embark on a journey to find the Dogstar with Bob in hot pursuit.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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This title is part of a series

Series listing
Dogstar series 1 series
Dogstar series 2 2011
Aaron Davies
Doug MacLeod  Philip Dalkin
Colin South  Ross Hutchens
Executive Producers
Colin South  Jo Horsburgh  Emma Fitzsimons
Animation Director
Steve French
Merlin Cornish
Henry Maas - Michael Veitch - Marg Downey - Matthew King - Roslyn Oades - Hamish Hughes - Kate McLennan
Production Completion
Production Company
Media World Pictures Pty Ltd
International Sales
Daro Film Distribution GmbH

Selected Awards & Festivals

  • Banff World Television Festival