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It is 2348 when disaster strikes. Dog-like Canoids from Sirius II steal the Dogstar after first placing all of Earth’s dogs on board the giant space ark. Glenn, Simone and Lincoln Clark, along with Gran and the alien Gemma, are again determined to save their pet Hobart, but evil mastermind Bob Santino having rebuilt his Robog empire is equally determined to stop them. The Dogstar is in more danger than ever. Who will find the Dogstar first?

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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This title is part of a series

Series listing
Dogstar series 1 2007
Dogstar series 2 2007
Scott Vanden Bosch
Philip Dalkin  Doug MacLeod
Ross Hutchens  Colin South
Executive Producers
Jo Rooney  Colin South
Production Designer
Scott Vanden Bosch
Henry Maas - Michael Veitch - Marg Downey - Matthew King - Hamish Hughes - Kate McLennan - Beverley Dunn - Simone Ray - Matt Tilley - Michael Carmen - Emma Leonard
Production Completion
Production Company
Media World Pictures Pty Ltd
International Sales
Daro Film Distribution GmbH

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