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Andre owns and runs 'The Glass House' - an art residence in inner-city Berlin, threatened by commercial development. Andre has lost confidence as a writer and is starting to lose faith in the people and place he's always held so dear. He meets a vagabond, Lexia, who's been living in abandoned buildings across Europe for years. A budding writer with no family or support, Andre is compelled to invite her in. Then Tristan reappears on the scene, inducing a power struggle over The Group's direction threatening to fracture The Group's loyalty to Andre and seduce Lexia away. As Lexia arises to be the true maverick amongst them all, Andre realises that, in her, lies salvation.

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Natasha Petrovikj - Swann Arlaud - Stipe Erceg - Mateusz Kosciukiewicz - Sebastian Pawlak
Production Completion
Australia/Germany Co-Production
Production Company
Elixir Films Pty Ltd  Elixir Films Gmbh
International Sales