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The Screen Guide

When Birdie Bell falls for wealthy grazier Joe, she believes her Prince Charming has finally arrived. But when she discovers everything about him is completely fake, she is left reeling. How could she, a journalist, have been taken for such a ride. Desperate to rebuild her sanity and reputation, Birdie switches to investigation mode; forensically retracing every step they took together. But as she peels back the layers of Joe’s deceit, she begins to question if, worse than any of the lies he’s told her, might just be the ones she’s been telling herself....

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Emma Freeman
Anya Beyersdorf  Jessica Tuckwell  Hyun Lee
Emelyne Palmer  Imogen Banks
Executive Producers
Imogen Banks


Asher Keddie - David Wenham - Heather Mitchell - Nicholas Brown - Spencer McLaren

Production Details

Production Completion
Drama, Thriller
Production Company
Kindling Pictures


International Sales
Entertainment One/Hopscotch Films

Screen Australia Supported

  • Production support