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Fund manager Mimi is about to settle down with her unimaginative boyfriend when she pleads for a year off to try to win a contest that would launch her operatic career. Alas, the only recognised coach who will take her on lives in the remote Scottish Highlands. Max, the charismatic working class guy behind the bar, is training with the same coach for the same grand prize and Mimi naively thinks they’ll be great mates but Max has eyes only for the prize. After an epic fail at a recital, Mimi gets back on the horse by singing opera for the regulars at the local pub, which scares them almost as much as it terrifies her. Mimi learns the dedication required from Max, while she helps him rediscover his heart, and eventually they become lovers. But, can their relationship survive a competition on the Covent Garden stage that could launch one person’s career and leave the other languishing? FALLING FOR FIGARO is a romantic comedy about of a woman who has to face her fears, a guy who’s forced to question his priorities, and a bunch of football-loving farmers who are about to become latte-sipping opera critics.

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Ben Lewin
Allen Palmer
Charles Hannah  Donall McCusker  Philip Wade

Production Details

Production Completion
Musical, Romantic comedy
Australia/United Kingdom Co-Production
Production Company
5 Name Films Pty Ltd

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