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The Screen Guide

Fanshaw and Crudnut are a pair of badly behaved, childish, bickering slugs from outer space. And they’re on an intergalactic mission.. apparently. Their mission is to boldly go where no slug with half an ounce of common sense has ever been before. They travel through the galaxy in a beaten up flying saucer on a series of completely pointless quests that land them in the most ludicrous situations. For Fanshaw and Crudnut it’s a lose-lose situation.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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David Gurney
Jo Kasch
Alicia Rackett
Executive Producers
David Gurney  Ron Saunders  Alicia Rackett
Chris Hamley - Andrew Casey - Guy Hooper - Jeff Michel - Anna Kidd - Martin Spurway-Smith - Aleksandra Crossan - Danni Gilsenan - Robert Manion
Production Completion
Production Company
Blue Rocket Productions Pty Ltd  Beyond Screen Production Pty Ltd
Australian Sales
Beyond Distribution
International Sales
Beyond Distribution