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Welcome to Opal City: known for free mining, endless desert and, to a select few, vampires. This remote desert mining town is the last stronghold for vampires who arrived in Australia in 1788 on the first fleet, sent by the colonial superpower Britain to deal with Indigenous populations and take the land. In the 233 years since, a select group of blackfella vampire killers, known as “bloodhunters” have sworn to protect their own and kill the vampires in secret. And they have done successfully. There’s only one King Vampire left and one last colony. The King is headed to Opal city for safety, and safe he is with endless abandoned mines, tunnels and a growing army of vampires. The only thing stopping him: Tyson, a reckless “semi-alcoholic” failed Blood Hunter and his 17-year-old street-smart adopted daughter Shanika. Together, they make a formidable team keeping the “pests” at bay above ground. But with the King’s arrival, the pair realize that they need to change things up if they are to protect the community. More vampires are arriving and are venturing above ground, kidnapping blackfellas for their blood and taking them below to bleed them. Tyson needs to confront his past with the Blood Hunters, and Shanika is going to learn the truth about the death of her mother. If Shanika and Tyson are to defeat the King, they’re going to have to stick together not fall apart. And they’re going to need help. But how do you tell people that vampires are living right below you. The war is only just beginning. The King is out for blood and land. And Blackfellas will fight to the death. This is a story of modern day colonization. This is Firebite.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Rob Collins - Shantae Barnes-Cowan - Yael Stone - Callan Mulvey
Production Completion
Action adventure, Horror
Production Company
See-Saw Films Pty Ltd
International Sales
AMC Studios Content Distribution

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  • Development support